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    Perhaps because all you are doing it aoe heal which effectively tops recount/skada healing meters. I suggest that you look at overhealing done next time. Healing is not always about topping meters. If you do that just by spamming aoe heal (sck) you should think about how you should play. If you don't, my apologies for my prejudice that came from epeening in the first post.

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    this post is like a post about being #1 dps on doesn't matter. the have better gear because the have luck. you don't have better gear because you don't have.

    or another idea: try to SUCK in the lfr and the rng god will see your weakness and giving you the help you need.

    shitty gear -> good gameplay, rng god sais: "you don't need better gear, you are good enough"
    shitty gear -> bad gameplay, rng god sais: "you need better gear, here you are"
    good gear -> shitty gameplay, rng god sais: "maybe you need some help, here you are"
    good gear -> good gameplay, rng god sais: "well, i will not allow you to come into the LFR"


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    LFR hasn't changed...people don't care as much as they would in a real Raid. LFR is faceroll easy and doesn't require you to give it your all. I don't think they were all bad players, just ones that didn't give a fuck.

    You're not needed to give 100% in LFR

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