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    I don't play games for the graphic, i play for the gameplay. I always play on low settings on every game regardless of what game it is to get the best possible performance.

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    Yes, they are fine, all things considered...especially since, overall, the game feels very fluid. A lot of the character models need updates, and the trees in particular are still atrocious, but the game is still pretty to look at, IMO. Maybe not as pretty as GW2, but WoW looks more fluid than any other MMO I've played, and a lot of that is due to the graphics, and I'd rather have that than a beautiful world that feels fake with things that don't belong.

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    To many people attribute attempted realism to equal 'better'.

    Warcraft has an artistic 'style' and 'creative direction'. IMHO that trumps shiny and realism that developers keep attempting in newer games.

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    Yes. I don't play games for the latest scream in graphics anyway. WoW sticks to the aesthetic, and that's fine. It works for what the game does.

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    I like the newer textures and models more than the old ones, they've learned to keep Warcraft's cartoony style with much higher quality. Aesthetically, WoW looks more consistent than most of the new "realistic" games (which tend to look more like rubber toys), and the different elements fit better.

    Still, I think there is room for improvement. Draw distance could be much higher, and more visual effects could be applied to give more atmosphere to the game.

    Armors are probably the worst part of WoW's graphics, the lack of meshes for chest pieces will make the new character models look outdated despite the update.

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    Yep I'm satisfied with WoW's current graphics. The game has never been about omgbestgraphix anyway. >.>;

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    Quote Originally Posted by cityguy193 View Post
    Graphics are decent for what the game's intended audience is.

    However, I feel that graphics do in fact add to a game's overall quality, and that WoW would be better off not catering to people with 10 year old computers.
    lies! i have a computer from 2003 and it gets at most 10 fps while playing wow @[email protected]
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    I'm not entirely satisfied with WoW's graphics, but my gripes aren't enough to makes me want to quit the game. I like the more "cartoony" feel of warcraft compared to other MMOs but I also feel that WoW could use some major updates to the graphics....particularly to trees/foliage (MoP's are amazing compared to what you'd find in, say, Elwynn Forest), waterfalls/streams/rivers/Water in general, and especially to player and NPC models. Smoothing out all the sharp angles and flat surfaces from low polygon count and updating all of the low-res textures would go a long way, I think. And both of those are very possible to do with WoW's current graphics engine (the water, I'm not so sure...).
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    Graphics are the last thing i look in a game i still play some old PS1 games, and they have more dept then some of the new ps3 games :X and i am not talking about final fantasy games.

    Games like Crash Bandicoot series for the ps1, Jack and dexter for the PS2, shadow hearts for the PS2, Any MGS game(MGS4 is awesome i know), even PES2 for ps1 is more fun them PES 11 for PS3.

    Old Smackdown for ps1 is more fun them the new Smackdown vs raw for ps3/xbox.

    Ofc there are some really good games for the new gen there is Halo, and Dark souls/demon souls.

    But take a look at Call of duty the game is easy has fuck, now go play Call of duty 1 or 2 for PS2 hard has fuck.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sturmbringe View Post
    I play on ULTRA as well, and tbh, WoW's graphics are PITIFUL compared to say, SWTOR.

    The fact that so many people voted that they like WoW graphics makes me wonder if there are so many people out there with Pentium 4 PCs after all or that so many people posting here are fanboys who tend to lack common sense, thus making their opinion worthless.

    I play WoW b/c it is a better game than SWTOR, but not because of WoW's terrible 7 year-old graphics engine.
    Swtor isnt a bad looking game at all, but imo some pics from pandaria just look better. Swtor does look better then anything pre mop tho.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hellosaltygoodness View Post
    i have always thought that WoW is one of the ugliest games i've ever played. i mostly like to play games set in beautiful fantasy worlds so how ugly i find the game has always been something that bothers me the most while playing. normally i wouldn't have started playing in the first place due to it, but the game got the addiction claws into me at low levels before i really noticed that i hate the game world. on the other hand i find games like swtor and lotro very beautiful and i am constantly taking screenshots while i am in them.
    To me, wow looks infinitely better then lotro and just as good as swtor. I dont think anyones gonna win here lol. Its all just opinion.

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    If all of WoW could be updated to MoP's terrain and Pandaren model quality, I wouldn't even see WoW as having dated graphics. The somewhat cartoon stylized graphics make it perform well against the test of time while other "realistic" looking MMOs look dated much quicker.

    Last addition they need is to get the rest of the armor models, particularly legs and chest, to be separate from the character model rather than layered onto it, which they've stated is something they are working on implementing. Shoulders and helms were always separate, belts are being separated from being layered on. Chest/pants next (pants seem to get away with it better than chest though). A little more improvements on armor, specifically cloth robes, and we're all set to my mind.

    GW2 isn't bad, but sometimes the models suffer from what I consider "plastic realism." My ranger's pet wolf shined like his fur was made of rubber or latex. Often the "realistic" character models in many MMOs wind up with a somewhat plastic doll look to them. Honestly, most screenshots of SW:TOR haven't impressed me as the world graphics often look flat to me.
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    I love it. And anything that look somewhat bad can be fixed with some new textures (crocolisk, as an example). There isn't many MMOs that can satify me with their graphics, most of them lack charisma (especially many of the semi-realistic MMOs).
    To compare with WoW, SWTOR as an example, looked really stale and boring (this is my opinion don't judge me).
    I really like what I've seen in GW2, only played 30 levels so far so I haven't seen much yet. But just like WoW I can say GW2 got graphics with charisma.

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    I think graphics are of low importance in making a good game. Especially when it comes to computer games. One of the reasons this game has so many more players than newer competition is the low requirements for good performance. Most people are not willing or able to upgrade an expensive computer every couple of years for gaming.

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    No, but only because I find my mage spells incredibly ugly and have to look at them all the time.

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    I'll be happy when they give us the updated charmodels, don't really care that much how the rest looks, char is the most important part of the game.

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    Well... there are some models that are HIDEOOUSLY bad, including some of the player models, and a lot of scenery in Azeroth is just bland bumpy terrain with little texture.

    BUT places that go all out, like some of the areas in Pandaria are beautiful.

    I think though the quality is not nearly as realistic as some other games, I think it fits the world pretty perfectly that it is used for and so for that it gets my approval.

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    I love the artistic style.

    The quality (and character options) could certainly be improved, but the style's gotten me to turn away from other games that I liked more then WoW in every other respect.

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    Personally, I don't see what's wrong with them.
    They're treated like an eyesore, but I (have to) play with very low settings of everything and it still looks fine.
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    Looking at the graphics would be the last thing i do in WoW. It's just such a great game, so good developed! A few glitches, but it does look natural, no invisible walls when you run into a tree or rock or graphics that are too, too 'real', it just makes it look awfull.

    The graphics perfectly fit WoW imo

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    Quote Originally Posted by Babytaco View Post
    The graphics are a unique style, but some things in game just look terrible and need to be updated. For example: Character models, trees, water falls, etc.
    Their eyes. Try to look at them. TRY I SAY.

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