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  • No, but its not enuff for me to ever quit over.

    115 18.91%
  • Yes, I like them more then most newer mmos.

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    I like the graphics, very much so.

    The problem for me, and a lot of people it seems, is that the technology is outdated. The problem isn't the polygons, or texture res, it's stuff like crappy animations, blizzard's inability to make new animation skeletons easily (just how many mobs and mounts have we seen that move exactly the same?), lame clipping animation, difficulties in this and that...
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    Worst graphics ever. I hate it.
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    I like them I think they're perfectly fine. I actually like them over most MMO's out today with all their high end graphics. I like the cartoony like graphics of WoW. For me graphics are the last thing I worry about in any game. There could be a really good looking game for the PS3 or Xbox 360 or even the PC and I would still rather play a game on a system like N64 or the Gamecube and PS2 because the game is more fun than the Xbox 360, PS3, or PC game.

    For me, the gameplay and story are what I look at first in the game then the characters and then graphics. I grew up playing the NES, SNES, N64, PS1, PS2, all the Gameboys, Gamegear and Gamecube so I'm more used to those graphics so really any game that comes out whether its on PC or on console the graphics will never be a problem for me.

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    After a recent upgrade via TigerDirect, my tower was $250 and the new vid card another $50. I now run WoW, SWTOR, and D3 on Ultra graphics at 60 FPS. Prices have gotten so ridiculously cheap for upgrades these days it just made sense to spend some of my tax refund to improve the one thing in the house that I used the most

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    Nope, not with default settings, but it's okay after using FXAA Injector on it and adjusting the colors to be less ugly, just like in Diablo 3. Actually I can't stand the colorset these days without injector. Dunno how they made it right with SC2

    I also agree on the technology part, things like physics simulation are really missing from the game (out of scripted events). It would feel more alive if things like wind would affect the leaves, water and so on and stuff could break into pieces... or even if bladestorm would knock the stuff around in battlegrounds! Now there is just this "nothingness", not even the bodies get affected by anything with force. Same with the audio part, it doesn't really utilize ambient world enough, everything fancy is missing from that side.

    It's just not so immersive as it could be with todays stuff, but it's okay. However they should upgrade the race models if nothing else!

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    Voted "No, but it's not enough for me to quit over." The graphics aren't bad considering how old the game is, but there's always room for improvement. That said, the graphics also look way better in Mists than they did even in Cataclysm thanks to the new lighting/shadowing effects.

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    I don't care since I turn everything into Good every time I have to raid, better graphics wouldn't have mattered anyways

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    Stylistically, I absolutely love WoW's visuals.

    That said, they could definitely be improved and overhauled. Just look at the difference between vanilla textures/models and MoP textures/models. Same overall style (that cartoony, bold colors look which WoW has always had); much better sense of detail. That needs to be applied across the entire game, imho.

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    some of wow's graphics really are from the half life era if you look at the pictures terridon posted, the mountains looks almost the exact same, also like others said the trees look awful. as far as water i turn my water settings to medium since medium, imo looks better then ultra. super real looking water vs everything else cartoony looks = very out of place water

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    I prefer the graphics, character models and character creation of newer MMOs but I prefer the actual game content of WoW more so that's what I'm sticking with.

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    The older models that have been around since BC/Vanilla could use an update, but most of what came after that is actually pretty good and falls in line with the whimsical high fantasy style from WCIII
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    Old models could of course get an upgrade. But from the aestethic point, WoW is so much better then all the other realistic looking ones.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sturmbringe View Post
    I play on ULTRA as well, and tbh, WoW's graphics are PITIFUL compared to say, SWTOR.

    The fact that so many people voted that they like WoW graphics makes me wonder if there are so many people out there with Pentium 4 PCs after all or that so many people posting here are fanboys who tend to lack common sense, thus making their opinion worthless.

    I play WoW b/c it is a better game than SWTOR, but not because of WoW's terrible 7 year-old graphics engine.
    I "lack common sense" because I like WoW's graphic style?
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    I say "give me a break - Get off of my back damn, it" - I didn't learn parenting - My daddy was a planet

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    Yes, but it's starting to show. Good news for me though, they are getting updated so I won't care. The only thing that looks straight up terrible to me is the Warlock epic horse. Strait up looks like garbage.

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    No I'm definitely not satisfied with the graphics. I have a pretty damn nice computer and I would love to see them do a complete graphic overhaul. But yeah, it's not bad enough for me to quit or anything. I'd love to see them do what Everquest did and give you a choice of old school graphics or new shit. And yeah I know you can somewhat do that already by turning all the special effects all the way up, but that's just not enough for me. I'm considering getting Rift many other people, I don't know if I'm ready to jump ship just yet. I'm still having plenty of fun with the game and that's what it's all about. Gameplay is incomparably more important than graphics to me, although no one ever said better graphics hurt a game.

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    Yes, I like bold, colourful graphics, I'm tired of grimdark or browngreyblack games. I like it's flat colour direction with basically mat, pastel tones. None of that glossy, everything looks like it's sweating effect seen in lots of games now.

    I never really cared to think of it from a technical view until I played Aion and GW2 and started to suffer from having party members having frame rate issues and slowing things down or having to stop everyone to fix it. Personally I'm far more on the camp of wanting solid 60 FPS rather than fancy graphics.
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    Im never satisfied with anything. Whatever it is I always want more/better ect.

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    I cannot stand the "Polar Express" graphics of other MMOs
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    Im not really sure any game get get aesthetically better looking. I do agree though on physics,textures etc, but its just not possible with a game this old. For how old it is i think its amazing. Better looking then any game mmo or not pre 2005.

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    I think the game's graphics are perfect for the aesthetic they display (a cartoony feel while still maintaining a bit of grittiness). I'd say the overall aesthetic of the game is miles ahead of any MMO ever released.
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