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    Crystal of Insanity and tanking

    Hey I recently got Crystal of Insanity (don't know how to link in here)....in short its a drop off of a rare that you can use once every 15 min for +500 to all stats.

    So it can replace a Flask. Maybe the 15 min CD will be too much for raiding on progression content ? dunno. But for a BrM, is this equivalent/better/worse than the Stamina flask? The stamina flask is 1500, so I'd be "losing" 500 of that if you count 500 agi as being worthwhile. What do you guys think?

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    It's a simple question, which do you think is more valuable - 1000 stamina or 500 agility?

    Given it's 15 minute cooldown I doubt it's worth it in raids as more than three quaters of all tries you'll have no buff at all (unless you waste dozens of flasks).

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    It's good for using on attempts between when your flask runs out to uh... extend the lifetime of your flasks.

    It's great for farm content where you don't wipe/die frequently.

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