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    NEED Protection- Tips / Help!

    Hi all.

    I have recently returned from a years break and become one of the tanks for my guilds raid team. I currently find that spamming heroics at this stage is getting repetative and i am looking for ways to improve my dps as protection as well as the general over all gameplay for a protection warrior. I am looking for any tips / help that could improve my dps and improve my gameplay as well as making it more fun to be a tank in raids. I am looking for anything whether it be dps rotations / addons / macros / talent choices and so on. Any suggestions will be much appreciated as i wish to improve the state of protection warrior as for me it is rather tedious after a while with the style i play. I have minimal macros around 5 that cover most of my abilities both single target and aoe.

    Many Thanks.

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    It's pretty difficult to give "general" advice on how to improve your "gameplay," without actually knowing anything about your gameplay. I haven't been a big fan of pushing high damage as a protection warrior. If anything it annoys me to no end that there is such an emphasis on increasing your damage as a tank, when that isn't what you are there to do. Protection warriors in general are pretty poor at pushing damage without sacrificing survivability because shield block eats so much of our rage and pooling back up requires either lucky procs and/or restraining yourself from using rage spenders.

    However, some simple glyph changes can help a lot. I did notice you have heavy repercussions and hold the line, but you can add the glyph of incite. It will lower the rage cost of your cleave and heroic strike by 20, so basically upon popping deadly calm, lets you use three heroic strikes in a row, for free. That's useful in both aoe and single target fights, and I've been practicing using it on cooldown, as much as possible. Other than that, not really sure what advice to give. Like I said, warriors are pretty restricted in this department, where as paladins for instance can get, pretty much, max survivability and damage out with the exact same rotation.

    For macros... I wouldn't worry too much about them. At this time, I have no macros in my protection warrior game play. For fury, yes, a couple but I'd avoid marcoing up abilities. It decreases control over your abilities and limits how much you can micro manage your actions.

    For your gear... get some enchants and gems. You are missing quite a few, and try to get your expertise and hit to 7.5%. That'll not just improve your survivability but also your damage.

    Here's your armory link for reference.
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    I will take your advice and put it into action, at this stage i think you are right i have alot of key moves macroed together and not spread out for use which limits my control. I will get the enchants sorted and blast that glyph in for some free damage. I have sat and wandered why there was not much i could do and going on that fact i agree that protection warriors are limited.

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