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    [Balance] Gemming in the current tier

    At what gear level do you guys think we can start gemming in a more conventional manner rather than gemming for the double secondary stats?

    I have just changed all my gemming

    RED SOCKETS - int,crit > int
    YELLOW SOCKETS - crit > int/crit
    BLUE SOCKETS - spirit,crit > int,spirit

    How much crit do you think it is worth keeping as a minimum assuming we can make the 5273 haste point. I just changed and dont think its worth keeping this way.

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    There's no DR on crit, so I can't imagine a point when secondary stat gemming wouldn't be worth while.

    Even if we reach a point where additional crit won't net us more starsurge procs and we can't reach another haste plateau, mastery gems would still be worthwhile over straight int. Your gemming strategy is not ideal, and does not make any sense.

    If gems offered double secondary stats in other expansions, we would have been gemming that way too.
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    are those "arrows" or "greater than" signs? Because the ones on the left are the correct ones, yet your armory seems to show me you're using the ones on the right. Either way, the left ones are correct, and as earthwormjim pointed out, there's no point where you'll want to change your gemming, other than to reach the haste breakpoints.
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