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    Infernø of Kel'Thuzad- hardcore 6/6 & 2/6

    ~Inferno~ (Kel' Thuzad-PvP server) is looking to fill 1 final raid spot for our ventures into heroic modes in MoP. We are 6/6 and 2/6. We have 9 exceptional raiders capable of downing any content in our way, and now just currently only have 1 spot open for :

    1 Warrior DPS

    Although the list is specific, please contact an officer if your an experience, smart raider, as the raid spots can be manipulated depending upon the quality of players who show interest.

    We are a small, tight-knit guild of experienced raiders---most with several years of top 500 progression guild experience. We plan on staying small, and will be raiding Tuesdays, Thursdays and either Sunday or Monday nights, 9pm EST to 12 or 1am EST.

    The guild pays for flasks for our raiders, crafts gear for them, and pays for repairs. We expect players to come prepared to raids, which means knowledge of the fights to come, the appropriate addons, ventrilo, and a burning desire to down HM content.

    Apply at: http://infernoguild.guildlaunch.com/


    Please whisper myself or Jnshox in-game if your interested.

    My Battletage is: HeatM1ser#1923

    Thanks, and look forward to hearing from you soon!

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    Potentially interested; will be adding you. Timmy#1869

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