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    Elegon 10N help wanted

    Hey guys my guilds main raid group is having issues with Elegon 10N, we are wiping after the first cycle through phase 3. We are making progress but it is slow going.

    I am wondering if we are doing anything critically wrong, if its a gear issue, or if its just a difficult fight that we need to /headdesk more on.

    WoL link: http://worldoflogs.com/reports/merbiqroa1gin0yz/

    Thanks in advance for any help.
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    The fight is not very gear dependent (before that last phase, anyway), and it seems like you still have to figure out the best strategy for your raid. Your wipes are mostly L2P issues, but strategy might have to do something with that.

    You are having problems with the Spark adds. I can give you a few pointers here.
    1) You can minimize the number of adds that spawn by killing all pillars at the same time. You should try go get the achievement for the boss on every try (kill all pillars within 10s).
    2) After the pillars are down, have everyone meet near the console and the tanks gather the adds.
    3) When the floor respawns, AoE slow the adds as much as possible and have everyone run in to the boss. While the adds slowly move to the middle, kill them. This way, you can minimze the damage they are doing.

    Other than that, your healers need to pay more attention to the tanks, especially during Celestial Breath, they're letting the tank die to that often. And of course people need to learn to move out of the blue floor effect in the transition phase.

    Your wipes:
    #4: Healer and Tank dying in breath after phase switch
    #5: dps dying from Spark adds (living way too long), Tank dying from Protector
    #6: Tank death after Celestial Breath, dps dying in ground effect
    #7: Death in Orb phase (healer fail), dps dying in ground effect, Tank death from Spark adds
    #8: Tank death after Celestial Breath
    #9: dps dying in ground effect, dps dying from adds, tank dying after breath
    #10: Tank losing aggro?

    P.S. Your resto druid should definitely NOT spec Treants. They're just aweful.

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    As above poster said, the fight is not gear dependant, especially normal mode. It is all about execution and knowing how to click the buttons of your class.

    You just need to practice and work on the execution of the fight.

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    Tanks need to learn to time cds. When eating a breath at 9 or 12 stacks have a cd up, especially if Annihilation is going off.

    Healers need to suck less, its a hectic fight but they need to learn who to heal and when, make sure your raid reset their stacks before every annihilation to help them out and after every spark death. They can see stacks on raid frames, tell them to bitch at people not resetting,

    Transition is messy until you learn to burn the 3 focus on each side equally. Once you master that and all 6 die within a few seconds of each other, you only get a few adds, the tanks can grab them keep them from killing people, make sure your raid is loosely stacked to make this possible. Avoid tight stacks or a swirl will kill them all.

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