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    Ashes of Alar obtained on first kill!

    Being an avid reader of these forums and having just recently read about some player looting Ashes of Alar on his 4th kill, I had decided, "What the heck, let's start soloing weekly runs of The Eye. After a small amount of research I had learned that the drop rate is 1-2% (varies according to source) and I figured it's going to be a long road. Point in case, after my first Kael kill the Ashes dropped..I looked at my wife and screamed at her, " ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!!?".

    Like many players, I have had my string of unfortunate RNG and now I feel as though it's all been justified with this achievement! I'm so happy and a little sad after I learned about just how this mount was introduced into the game. Blizzard did right by Ezra in making something so dear to him a reality.

    I feel privileged.

    That's my story! Good luck to all the players.

    PS. If for some reason you don't believe me, check my achievements. My Tempest Keep achievement was immediately followed by the Ashes feat of strength

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    to be fair its hard to see your achieves without having your armory link

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    Oh, sorry! I'm new to posting on this forum and it won't let me post links yet.


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    Nice! I just started running it on my hunter, hoping for the arcanite steam pistol off alar, but went for the mount anyway, no luck, although i count all my rng luck as in the positive as i got my green proto on the first egg.. i nearly dropped my laptop XD
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    Gratz, getting Al'ar is my dream and it'll never happen. Just to give you an idea of how lucky you are, I've been trying to get these boots from Aran to finally complete my Warlock T4 (the drop rate is 17%) and after 4 months straight they still haven't dropped.
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    Gratz for the mount. Never really farmed it myself, might give it a shot though

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    Gratz!! Just goes to show RNG at its best I thought I was lucky getting mines on my 5th farm run! It's a gorgeous mount, enjoy it

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    I got my Ashes on my first kill ever. I quit a few months into BC to focus on school (and never did anything beyond Gruul's Lair), came back when wrath came out. One night after the raid some guildies decided to get a TK pug going for the mount, we killed him, low and behold ashes dropped. There must have been 10 or 12 of us there, I won the roll with a 986 (I'll never forget that number). I was shaking with sheer shock for a solid hour after receiving it. I've done TK many times since then going after tier and trying to get the staff.

    Tempest Keep - 4/05/2009
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    Thanks guys! While I never did the eggs for my proto, I did get the green drake from a satchel last year tanking a random. I guess maybe I have some mount luck! Believe me Arganis, I really do understand how lucky I am lol. And I no longer expect any tokens of good fortune (see what I did there). But never say never!

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    I think I speak for everyone when I say:
    I'm happy for you, but I hate you.
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    got it on my 2nd solo kill 2 weeks ago.

    did they increase the droprate?

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    To hell with you D:

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    Grats! I got it on my 3rd solo kill within about 10 days of trying and I started nerd screaming too.

    On the other hand when I was making a blue transmog set for my hunter, I had to run halls of reflection 34 times before Crypt Fiend Slayer dropped at 18% drop chance, so RNG is definitely a weird thing.

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    Seems like everyone has it, and it feels very puny :S

    Gratz though, first shot ain't bad at all

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    I got it yesterday on my second solo run.

    RNG have HATED me all through Cataclysm and Pandaria so far, so I'm raelly happy that this mount dropped for me!
    Also, it completely made my day, as I just got home from a 18 hour long day working, and just decided to do a run there, and then head to bed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Samaramon View Post
    I think I speak for everyone when I say:
    I'm happy for you, but I hate you.
    one year..two months counting... >.<

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    Gz, ran through tempest keep with a guildie, first time, mount dropped, i lost roll! Nerd rage! Happy for guildie though

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    Wow, guys! Grats to all of you too. Baenesur, I know the feeling of working long days with minimal reward! Big grats to you too!

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    I envy you, You know how long it took me to get mine huh? Huh! It took me 69 weeks of killing that dumb boss -.- before he dropped mine which reminds me I need to go help a friend do it.

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    I rarely use my Ashes these days, seems common as anything now you can solo it on pretty much every class.

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