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    New build - first time SSD user.

    Ok I asked for some help on here in regards to my build a wee bit back and that went well and all the parts have arrived and shes all put together (yay!) except the graphics card as the guys sent me the wrong one by mistake (different model) and new one is on it's way!

    Anyway this is my first time having a SSD and I've installed windows onto it so far and that's it (no drivers or anything since graphics card isn't installed yet) basically just wondering if there is any special drivers/software I should look at for it? (it came with a disk but I'm trying this build without an optical drive so unless it's really 100% needed I'd rather avoid having to rip one outta this pc and install it just for that disk)

    I'm assuming I'll require the motherboard sata drivers etc to get decent performance?

    INTEL 330 SERIES 120GB 2.5" SATA3 6GB/S SSD

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    You can always download whatever's on the disc from the manufacturer's website.

    SSD optimization for Windows 7

    The big things from that guide I'd do are:
    1) Windows Experience Index
    2) Disable Pagefile (or move it to a mechanical drive)
    3) Disable Hibernation
    4) Move user folders to a separate drive (eg. My Documents)

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    Fantastic guide thank you very much!

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