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    Microsoft's web and stuff borked?

    At the start of January, I got a notice that the credit card I used for my gold sub expired (duh, I knew that), and that I needed to update it. So I tried going through the link they sent me, it went to a broken page. Meh, whatever. So I logged into their website, and went through the hoops to get rid of the expired card and transfer my sub to my current card. Everything worked well until the end, where I got a page that said their system was undergoing maintenance, and that I couldn't complete what I was doing.

    Fast forward to today, they sent me the same email. I tried all of the above again, assuming it would work this time...NOPE. I'm unable to get rid of my expired card, and I'm unable to re-up my gold sub, which means no XBL for me. I've sent numerous emails to their support about this, and have yet to receive any sort of response. Also, trying to use their support website doesn't work, either. The 'Request Chat' button or whatever it is is completely greyed out.

    Is anyone else having this issue? Should I maybe try going through my 360 to get it to work? This is really freaking annoying me!
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