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    Some more or less advanced Warlock questions

    Hey Guys!

    There are some questions in my head where I couldnt find the answer since the launch of MOP... so here we go:

    So, how do the Malefic Grasp dot-ticks work?
    I mean: if i have really beefed-up dots on the target (darkmoon card, etc) but the procc has fallen off on myself and I start to channel MG: Do the ticks of MG use the Power of me or on the already running dots?
    Or do the MG-Ticks scale with Player-Buffs and ignore the power of the original dot?

    And the second one:
    Does Drainsoul now update by self wenn we hit 20%? I mean, wenn i have by accident Drainsoul already at 21% und the Mob goes down, will Drainsoul automatic deal Double Dmg and procc extra ticks?

    Sorry for my bad English (not my native language)
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    1 - MG damage scales with your actual buffs, but it makes the Dots (buffed or not) tick more faster.

    2 - Yes, it updates, so i personally think that the best practice is to start channel it at 21%, generally the first tick will hit right when the boss is on 20% mark cause the raid damage drops him fast.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Skullcan View Post
    1 - MG damage scales with your actual buffs, but it makes the Dots (buffed or not) tick more faster.
    Wasn't faster Dot-Ticks from MG Beta only? On live the tooltip of MG states: "Every time MG deals damage, it causes all Dots to instantly deal 75% dmg".
    I know that the normal MG Ticks will scale with Buffs/Trinkets, but I'm curious how the MG-Dot ticks behave.
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    Malefic Grasp
    Deals 214 (+ 20% of SpellPower) Shadow damage and causes all of the Warlock's other periodic Affliction damage effects to instantly deal 50% of their normal periodic damage, every 1 seconds.
    4 seconds remaining
    So they kinda "ticks faster"...

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    They don't. The dots on your target stay exactly as they are. But every time MG does damage it also triggers 75% damage of the dots on your target. This is also listed differently, for example in recount you have Corruption (DoT) and Corruption entries. Where the dot variant is your usual dot and the no-dot variant is the damage MG triggered for Corruption.

    The MG damage behaves as it says on the tin. Every time MG ticks it does 75% damage for whatever dots you have up on the target. If your Corruption ticks for 10k then MG-Corruption will do 7.5k. Afaik It takes the current Corruption strength and does 75% per tick of that. So a buffed Corruption will also increase the damage MG does. The tooltip saying 'normal' is a little misleading. But I guess they mean non-crit damage with that.

    TL;DR - If your Corruption is buffed it will do 75% of that damage, regardless if you still have the procs on you.

    As for Drain Soul, it now updates automatically. You can cast it at 40% on a mob and it will automatically change once it ticks below 20%.

    Drainsouler is a good addon to track it.
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    According to MG/DS tooltip, which make reference to all other periodic affliction damage, MG/DS use the dots present on the target to generate new ticks. So here it sums up :
    - the MG/DS tick themselves use the procs on you when your MG/DS cast started
    - the MG/DS additionnal dot ticks use the procs on you when you put these dots on the target

    As a conclusion, even if you lost your procs, channeling MG/DS with empowered dots on the target will generate additionnal empowered ticks through MG/DS, not weak ones.
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    Yes, they do, sharkee.

    MG has its own damage based on XXX*(20%*Spellpower), plus every second it makes an additional tick like nipil said.

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    @ sharkee and nipil: perfekt answers, thank you
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