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    Brand new Mage

    Hey guys,

    Just managed to level my new mage to 90 last night but having only ever played it as arcane in firelands and a bit of dragonsoul I honestly don't know that much about it. I'm hoping to go fire for raiding as I see my self having more fun but I was wondering what other peoples opinions were for a brand new mage who knows very little about raiding with it. I'm happy to take on any advice. My armory page is linked below. The talents I have got right now in Fire are very much just a experimental spec I was trying out last night after dinging 90. (I know I need to reforge to crit for fire :P)

    So yeh cheers for reading and any advice that you can give.

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    RTFS, Read the Fine Sticky to start and since you are a gnome drop that staff like a hot patato get the dagger + offhand and Invocation will most likely yield better results on most fights.

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    Change that mastery gem into a crit gem.

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    Yeah read the sticky first, about the spec though. You should probably start out with frost until your hit caped atleast. I say that because fire is just so damn boring when you got theat low critt : |

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