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    i've wiped on Amber Shaper for like 40 mins then just gave up. They seriously are clueless about the constructs. Don't dumb it down though, punish these idiots for being so stupid. I'll just normal it and avoid LFR til everyone out gears it.

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    What needs to be fixed is the ability to "skip" an LFR queue that has popped and not go back to the end of the line.

    I hate havign to queue up twice to do a full clear...I always get 2/3 done first and then have to go back and find the other bosses.

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    Give it a few weeks, people will pick up on mechanics.
    Used to wipe a lot on will of emperor, now I usually one shot it in pugs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KBWarriors View Post
    Anyone else see Amber Shaper Un'Sok nerfs coming? I seriously fail to understand how simple concepts can't be done but yet again, this is another boss LFR is struggling to deal with.

    *sigh* People...
    Raid w/o vent. Then hit everyone else in the head with a 2x4 causing acute brain damage and try raiding without vent. And do it while 1/5 are AFK, 1/5 are stroking their epeens to the meter and nothing else. And that is why LFR gets nerfed.

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    lfr will be nerfed to a faceroll. But it looks like blizzard is waiting for the heroic nerfs to do that.
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    I laughed when I saw that the third boss in HoF was being "updated."

    Staying out of Crush and giving the tanks a wide berth so no one else gets pheramones is hard bro. Granted, when I did it, I had 4 guildies, including our raid leader who managed to get the raid to actually behave, but jesus, that fight is NOT hard. Idiots make it hard because they don't pay attention.

    I still laugh when people fall to their death on Elegon.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rowaasr13 View Post
    You know you only lock to loot, not encounter, right? Or your guildies can't be bothered if there's no shinnies?
    It's bugged so you are actually locked and cannot do the fights at all, there is a blue somewhere about it but i can't find it at work, maybe someone else can link to it

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    Glad I must have lucked out on a good group then.
    I'm a tank, first time doing the fight, but it was simple, although I needed to soak a pool once because the cleave damage wasn't high enough and I almost got MC'd.
    The DPS that got turned weren't useless, and so it was good.

    The last boss was beyond simple, I don't even know the mechanics.
    Just taunt before it hits 5 stacks, dps adds in 2nd phase away from each other.
    If you get a debuff, get away from the group.

    I had more trouble on Feng in LFR MSV (with the fire and arcane explosions) and Garalon (enough said).
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    Quote Originally Posted by KBWarriors View Post
    Anyone else see Amber Shaper Un'Sok nerfs coming? I seriously fail to understand how simple concepts can't be done but yet again, this is another boss LFR is struggling to deal with.

    *sigh* People...
    Weeeellll...if you are too good for LFR you a can always go and tackle heroics with your guild.

    Don't forget: LFR = 25 random strangers without communication or a leader that everyone agreed to listen to.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kojinshugi View Post
    They didn't nerf the important bits of Garalon, they won't nerf this.
    Except they did. Garalon is 1-kited now instead of 2-kited. If you have 1 intelligent person in the raid, preferably a healer, they can kite him solo forever while the rest of the mouth-breathers loldps him.

    I haven't done 2nd half of HoF LFR yet, but I heard horror stories from guild mates about trying to herd the cats in LFR into interrupting themselves. Yea, good luck teaching those window-lickers to do anything other than stand in puddles and drool on themselves.

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    Just remember that LFR isn´t any kind of battle of skills - its "So people who don´t raid get a chance to see the end boss too". Unfortunately this would seem to have the side effect of removing any incentive to improve (in regards to the people who just can´t seem to play well) or join a guild to see higher difficulty raids.
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    Empress hp is a bit on the high side, also the add phase is bound to kill people with all the molasses 20 second reaction time tanks around. Thankfully I have tricks of the trade so no one gets gibbed, usually.

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    Quote Originally Posted by -Apathy- View Post
    Good I struggled THREE hours in that hell hole ( Both Amber and Empress ) granted I was playing SC II on my other computer between the wipes but it was beyond ridicilious
    ...this reminds me of when we were back in BC and were constantly wiping on Lady Vashj.

    Our raid leader kept telling us we needed to concentrate more because that fight required EVERYBODY'S total focus of their whole environment. Watching for cores, watching for guards, swamp walkers, sporebats, ect....

    ...then, in the middle of phase 2 we heard one of our guildies shout "HELL YEAH!!!!! TOUCHDOWN! MINNESOTA!!!!"

    Our raid leader nearly blew a gasket when that happened. :P
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    "Hotfix" nerfs already hit. Constructs have 50% less health and Volatile Amber in P3 does 50% less damage. Fight should be faceroll now, even for those who don't know what an interrupt is.

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    If LFR with randoms were that painful, you'd be running it with your guild. So why aren't you?
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    I just took 6 guildies with me, spent 5 mins doing tactics before each boss and proceeded to oneshot them all. That wasn't so hard, though we were carrying DPS/Healing a *lot*
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