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    I only play on weekends now, so yeah that'd be great. I am not doing dailies at this point at all, which means I can't even spend Valor points on anything, just earn them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tyni View Post
    VP gear is supposed to help you progress when RNG hates you on a specific slot. Yet there is a incredible gap between the JP threshold (458) and the VP+rep reward structure (489). I'm shocked that Bizz didn't put reputation free VP reward at intermediate level, allowing people who don't grind their rep to dump their VP gains on some slots. 476 ilvl gear available with VP (on slots not filled by professions) would help.
    I believe this was due to the VP/JP upgrade system they are adding (can upgrade gear with vp or jp depending on ilvl) the issue I have is the system is not out yet, but once it does everyone will be able to spend their VP to upgrade their epix
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    Quote Originally Posted by Speedy92286 View Post
    The problem with your suggestion is that everyone's schedules are different. Yes, some people, I am one of them, work a full time job. I only usually have time to do one set of daily quests a day during the week. Weekends though, I usually get them all done and do all my raid finder stuff, too. So while your solution would be ideal for me, some people have a lot more free time and wish to play the game every day. Dailies are something for the every day people to do instead of waiting for Tuesday for resets (regular raiding or LFR).

    The game's population is very diverse, so your suggestion would not work for everyone. That is why it is not the best solution to the problem. At this point I am not sure what Blizz should/can do about the dailies without making one group or the other upset (the "dailies are required" group and the "I just do them when I feel like it group"). The only thing I can think of that would benefit everyone is making reps account bound, so you only have to get to exalted on them once (my opinion and all that good stuff). This way, people won't feel like they have to do dailies on every toon they want to raise up (you don't, but people want to do everything they can to get their character geared up faster).
    so then the people do 1 set per day, but still have the option to do 6 more sets from the same faction.. it does work

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    Personally I would like that. I think it gives too much reward for just playing for one day, though. But, yes, I too feel the sting of dailies and I didn't even hit exalted with anything. I was actually stressing so much about logging in each day and doing my 2 hours of dailies that I was experiencing physical manifestations of my stress (aches and pains, headaches and general exhaustion). There are days where I work pretty much all day, and the only time to do dailies would be if I stayed up all night until reset, woke up really early, or stayed up late after working since early that morning, with varying consequences and situations. In general, if I wasn't off work that day, I had to spend my only free time doing dailies, then when I was finally actually off an entire day, I wanted to do all of the other stuff (like actually run fucking heroics, pet battles, scenarios, achievements) that I pretty much would throw a fit if my boyfriend had made "plans" for our off days, not to mention completely neglecting him and everything else ever.

    That went on for about two-three weeks before I realized I had to give up right then and there because I was being fucking ridiculous about a fucking game.

    Now I do a few dailies two or three times a week, max. The only reps I got exalted with were Cloud Serpent and Tillers in the beginning. Got exalted with the Anglers a few days ago and I'm revered with 3/4 of my remaining reputations, minus black prince.

    I just absolutely did not, do not, and will not have the free time for anything like this shit ever again, not since real life took over.

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    yeah I barely do dailys I barely can play, when I log the last thing I wanna do is dailies, plus gold things are awesome.. I got legs and gloves tier from sha from them..

    it sucks but well they just should make a new way to grind rep like tabards.
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    The "Daily" problem is only problem for some people. I don't have a "daily" problem, I have a "tired of sitting on my thumb in a faction city waiting for queue to pop" problem.
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    the #1 solution is to get off your ass and do them so you won't have to do them ever again

    in the time a lot of people have spent complaining they could have been exalted like a month ago

    if you are not even in a heroic raid guild or looking to join one, you don't even need to concern yourself with it. Move at your own pace.

    But even then, as a raider, I was very on/off with them and recently only received exalted status with a few of the factions just a few weeks ago.
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    I read this as "solution to the DAIRY problem"

    I'm kinda disapointed there is no dairy problem now
    Quote Originally Posted by want my Slimjim View Post
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kisho View Post
    The solution is already in the game, but people just aren't paying attention to it.

    Dailies do not need to be done every day. If you want to do them every day, go for it, but you do not need to. A lot of slack has been built into the system to ensure that you can skip a few days every so often (or even an entire week if you like), and you won't fall behind in any significant way.

    Exalted is completely optional. Revered is simple to get, and you don't even need to get revered with all factions ASAP due to the weekly valor cap. So long as you hit revered with at least 1 faction every couple of weeks, then you're on target and can't spend your valor points any faster or get geared quicker.

    As for the charms, again, you only need to do 45 dailies per week, or ~6-7 per day. That's easy.

    The players have forced themselves to do dailies every day. Not Blizzard. Blizzard have built in a lot of clever slack points so that you can skip a few days of dailies and still stay competitive. Or even not do them at all, your choice.

    There is no daily problem. There is a community problem where people cannot control themselves and feel forced to do dailies, when the only person forcing them is themselves. THIS problem is why we got less content in prior expansions; because of this exact community backlash.
    FINALLY someone with some common sense. I couldnt agree more. Just because blizzard made a pile of content available to you doesnt mean you have to do it all every single day. I swear its like people are just asking for less content. Im glad they just have the daily cap off so i dont have to pick and choose what content i feel like exploring today.

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