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    The Postmaster ....

    Okay wierd postmaster sent me a letter saying they recovered a lost item in void but then when i went to look at my mail NO loot or nothing just damn mail it'self (no items just copy letter thingy) did he just NINJA my drop from HoF (LFR) or is he trolling me ????

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    He's trolling you.

    I've heard people say it's when he tries to mail you Valour but you're already at the cap. However, my lowbie Monk received the same "we recovered this..." with no item in it yesterday, so no idea why that occurred.

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    Send a ticket, Blizzard might know what's up.

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    You just got MALOWNED!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Chonar View Post
    You just got MALOWNED!
    Quoted for truth
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    Derpkitteh (I typed this with a straight face!), you're being wholly unreasonable here.
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    You are full of shit.

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    heard some people say the same thing. maybe blizzard fixed all the issues with that and he's just lonely waiting for a response
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    the postmasters trolling u.. dammit was already said.

    its just a random glitch that occurs.. sometimes u might win an item before recieving loot for it and leave a dungeon and they might try and send you the loot but get an error.

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    lol still no reply from a GM yet

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