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    10 6.49%
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    45 29.22%
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    58 37.66%
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    19 12.34%
  • 300 - 500 $

    12 7.79%
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    Corsair Obsidian 800D: £225 GBP = ~$350 USD.
    I've also had the Xigmatek Elysium (£150), Antec P180 (£110 or so when i bought it IIRC), and numerous other "unbranded" cases. I used the Elysium since i bought it up until a month or 2 ago. I bought it for watercooling, but in the end, it felt cheap and nasty. The wheels broke under the weight of my system, so when i moved back to a single card and air cooling, i switched back to my 800D. It still looks fantastic after all these years, and despite it having poor cooling in general (issue fixed by buying aftermarket coolers for both CPU and GPU), it's a quiet case, it's feet are sturdy, and it'll certainly be the case i use until something more interesting comes along (waiting for some solid pictures of the rumored 900D).

    I'd consider the InWin H-Frame mentioned in the OP, but i'm not in the market for a new case right now and it's apparently not good for quietness and the price. Much rather put some of that cash towards a silent PSU and save the rest.

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    Haf 932 FT about 3 years ago for about 135+ shipping. Still a decent case minus the busted front usb ports cause I tripped over a headphone cable one day and bent/broke something in it lol.
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    2x Thermalbreak armor Jr about £100 for both
    Coolermaster Cosmos S was £120
    Silverstone Raven 03 was £95

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    My current case is selling for $40(USD) currently though I think I paid roughly 50-60$(bought it with a new PSU that's selling for about 70$ so 60$ seems about right). I also can't see myself spending more than maybe 200$ for a case unless I happened to come across a good bit of money to throw at a new build.

    I did vote 50-100 though.

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    ~ $175 (with shipping) for SS Raven RV02E.

    Quite happy with it honestly.

    I think the next case I am going to be getting will be the BitFenix Prodigy. Hooray for portable ITX build!
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    I have a Cooler Master Cosmos 1000 from my Pc i built in 2007. I paid around $200 for it back then iirc. This now houses my media server.

    Currently have a CM Storm Trooper and i paid $189 for it, great case, good airflow. Nothing bad to say about it. It even has a handle which makes taking it traveling with much easier than the Cosmos.
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    Xigmatek Midgard ~ 60€

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    I paid like 150$ or so for it

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    HAF 932 - I love it.

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    Just ordered a Fractal R4 which is coming in tomorrow so 110$

    I also have an Silverstone RV02 - 160$ when I got it.

    And a CM storm Sniper - 140$
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    Got a CM HAF 932(or the mid sized one I don't specifically remember the number and don't have it with my right now) for about 120NZD. So well designed, I can't imagine spending more on a case unless I was doing something really spectacular.

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    $179 Coolermaster Storm Trooper.
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    Outfitted with LED Cooler Master fans in all ports, I love it.

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    I got lucky when HP was closing down Voodoo and was able to get the Blackbird 002 case for around 350$

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    I spent about $129 on my Cooler master HAF 922.

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    Let's see here...

    Level 10 GT: 1995 NOK (345 bucks)
    Define R3: 900ish NOK (155 bucks)
    Raven 01: 1600ish NOK (280 bucks)
    Corsair 600T: 900ish NOK (155 bucks) (it was on offer)
    Corsair 650D: 1200ish NOK (210 bucks) (it was on offer, though not 600T cheap)
    Switch 810: 1500ish NOK (260 bucks)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Crusader Cronus View Post
    I have a Fractal Design Define R3, which was just a sliver above $100.
    Same case, in black. Paid 110 Euro for it last year.
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    I'm wondering what those 500+ $ cases are, unless those guys belong to the notorious "fun voters".

    There aren't many 500+ $ cases on the market, a few I know are:

    Lian Li TYR PC-X2000F
    Thermaltake Luxa2 LM300 Touch Pro
    Lian Li PC-VX2120X
    Silverstone Temjin TJ11
    Origenae S16T
    Origenae S21T
    Thermaltake Level 10 Limited Edition <-- 850 EUR in Germany, that's about 1100 $.

    ...and a few exotics, like those from Caselabs or Abee.

    One of the coolest must be the Murderbox MKII, despite it's rather "retarded" name. Don't know if they already sell these, but price is somewhere north of $ 1000.

    There was also a company called Windy which made luxurious PC cases, don't know what happened to them.
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    Let's see...

    1. (2001) No-Name cheap ass case for like 50 DM (yes, that was before the switch to Euros) including leaf blower psu

    2. (2003) Chieftec CS-601 (later named "Dragon") in wine red for around 70 €

    Case is still going strong, now houses my mom's pc. Obviously can't compare to today's standards of air flow and misses some features (like front usb/audio), but this thing is build for eternity.

    3. (2009) Lian Li PC-7FN for 90 €

    Now home of my brother's HTPC.

    4. (2012) Fractal Design Define R4 for 100 €

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    corsair 600t white edition think it was 160 dolla

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