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    [H] Endeavour 2/6 HC MV, 4/6 HoF - Vek'nilash recruiting

    Endeavour are recruiting for MoP 10man.

    We have 2/6HC MVand 4/6 HoF. We recently moved to Vek'nilash to pursue our goals.

    Our website tells you everything needed www.endgaming.eu

    We are currently looking for

    • all type of tanks except for Blood DK
    • Shadow Priest
    • Hunter
    • Warlock

    All people need to know their classes 100% and if anyone is rolling monk and wants to join just let us know in the application on our website.

    But a small break down:

    We will be a 3 day raiding guild (Wednesday, Sunday and Mondays) Server time 8:00pm - 12:00 midnight.

    We might do a 4th day if needed to push content over. We expect 99% attendance as we have a small roster we need everyone to be online.

    We are aiming to push MoP heroic 10man and see if we can attain the highest world rank possible.



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    still looking

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