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    The zones don't feel much immersing. It's all a bit wonky imo. The only bosses I have enjoyed are Elegon and Grand Empress Shek'zeer to some extent. The voice acting is bland and many bosses feel like they are just there so they could tell us that we got so many bosses in MoP. Tier 11 was way better, had much better additions when it came to heroic modes compared to normals, the voice acting was awesome and the fact that you had actual story villains in the raids made it so much more engaging to fight the bosses preluding to them.

    My 2 cents.

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    A better expansion.
    I feel like there are too many bosses this tier. They should of staggered them. Look at Cata, we had so many bosses first tier and then it went to 7 and 8 boss instances. I hope that doesn't happen with MOP.

    Overall pretty happy, I'm a little disappointed in pet battles tho. The system doesn't feel very fluid like pokemon and you can't do them during dungeon ques/inside of a raid instance which was what I was planning on doing to pass the time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Whiskra View Post
    But why do you need to kill all of them? You know you won't kill all of them. Not in at least 4-6 months when ~30% nerfs have hit, unless you're in a top 500-700 guild or so. And those who are, will still have plenty of time to kill them all.
    Because i know my group is capable to deal with heroic mode bosses without nerfs but won't be able to complete them before nerfs hit because of the amount of bosses, we only raid 2 evenings a week for 7-8 hours in total with some bosses taking a excessive amount of wipes to master, my personal opinion only still. If looking at the fights themselves its still a great tier with some well tuned boss encounters.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Osmeric View Post
    You see, people like to think they're better than they actually are. The progressive nerf mechanic puts people in their place. This is a horrible game mechanic, that tells most people "you suck!" It's as bad as PvP ratings.

    Properly designed raids would have a dead easy mode, and a hard (not very hard) mode, with a large difficulty gap between them. People who found the dead easy mode easy could tell themselves they were ALMOST good enough to do the hard mode, even if they weren't.
    looking for raid

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    Quote Originally Posted by silverhatred View Post
    looking for raid
    Not available in 10 man form.
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    I'm very happy with Mists and with the raid content.

    I especially like the model of having a "starter raid" that is like 1/2 tier below. I hope they continue with this approach - and I'm curious to see how they will handle the transition from T14 to T15. I hope it wil be more stepping stones and not just "lol 2 dungeons make everything else obsolete".

    Being able to weave between MSV HM's and HoF NM's feels great.

    I really have no complaints at all - this beats any raiding in cataclysm hands down (T11 had some good fights but was sort of a random tier with no real themes).
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    I absolutely love this tier personally. The gating system was perfectly timed. Never did we clear too quick or too slow.
    Grand Empress heroic, one of the best tuned fights I have ever seen for a hardcore guild. Zor'lok, even though it had its blimps, it has become one of my favourite fights. unique mechanics.
    Spirit Kings heroic, one of the most unforgiving fights ever, but that grew on me too. Shamefully I found will of the emperor to be rather lack luster.

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    Loving it.

    First time raiding in the first tier of an expansion. I like that some bosses are tougher, others are simple. If everyone are deadly difficult or piss easy, it becomes boring I imagine. I imagine there will always be people being all whingy over the tiers no matter what they do and I had half expected the first tier of this expansion to be downright bad. But alas, I'm loving it so far. We had a later, relaxed start and I do believe we won't run out of raid encounters until we're VERY close to the next raid tier.

    Hopefully they'll deliver on the following tiers as well, and make many different raids for the last one! OR a huge single tier like Ulduar.
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    I've died 5 times on my Warlock since the scaling system was introduced. A seasoned player with every class at max level times 4 (!). I did not die more than once (fall damage) on a Classic server.
    Great success! I'm looking forward to being taken by surprise and die more often in content previously tuned to be absolute faceroll. Doing the Iron Man will be extremely interesting as well!

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    I really like MoP for now, but I also liked Cata (imo DS farming was for less painfull than ToC + ICC farming).

    I'm just a bit afraid that the pace of release will slow down just as it did in cata. Before cata even lauched, blizard was all like "yeah we will have more different raid on each tier with fewer boss in each so you got different raiding environment each time" T11 did that pretty well (even if the wind kingdom thing with Al'Ar was a bit too light) but T12 was super small (even if I enjoyed Fireland, would have seen a BIGGER map at least), was even worst with DS (nice boss, but wasn't even a real raid map, just full of flying waypoint and teleport...)

    So yeah, T14 is nice. Crossing finger that T15 and T16 stay that way (especially T16 with the orgrimmar raid).
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    I'm quite enjoying the tier so far.

    Our guild is 6/6N MV and 2/6 HoF

    I like all fights in MV apart from Will. I'm pretty new to raiding so all fights seem pretty fresh and entertaining, theres no feeling of "ooh this boss had the same mechanic 4 years ago" for me. Spirit kings I enjoy a lot but it is a bit too easy on normal. Will is ok but just far too long.

    HoF I'm enjoying less, it seems a bit buggy in some spots (punny, I know!) and I don't like the ambience as much, feels very BoT'ish. We're going to start progressing on Garalon on Monday and the though of running round in circles hitting a bugs legs doesn't appeal too much to me.

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    I like it all, just agree with most people about content being released way too fast.... they could delayed both the HOF and terance releases another 2 weeks, (eg hof released this week).

    Its gonna be really tough trying to progress on 16 boss's now, especialy for the more casual guilds

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    Terrace felt pretty dissapointing compared to the previous two instances. I expected more from it, being the "final" one and, well, the Sha making appearence in HoF already. Instead, it's pretty short, bosses feel very easy and barely have any mechanics on normal. Sha of Fear takes forever to kill, even though there's not really much happening - pretty lackluster for an end boss. Probably makes up for it on heroic, but right now, too long and boring.

    I liked MSV the most out of all three, even though H Kings annoyed me like no other boss. (why in the world do they introduce "choose your phase" on Feng, and "elite mode" on Protectors, but have this horrible randomness here) Normal mode felt pretty challenging for once, what with people being undergeared and faced with a decent gearcheck on Elegon. In Hof, things kinda went downhill, with normals being pretty easy, and heroics having bizzare tuning issues.

    Still, pretty good tier overall. Now the big thing is, will they be able to keep it up during T15. Cataclysm experiences make me very skeptical.
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    Really enjoying the tier. The only shame is that some bosses have broken mechanics/bugs that take away the excitement of killing them a bit.

    Heroic 25.

    Elegon: No spark damage
    Will of the emp: Ring of frost the adds
    Zor'lok: Go left? And pre"fix" really overtuned.
    Un'sok: combustion raping the monstrosity.

    It had several good fights though, Grand empress on heroic is a boss we really enjoyed though we were hoping 8 healer encounters were something from the past. Rather have 6 stable healer spots.
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    I'm really enjoying the Tier 14 raids. So many bosses, interesting mechanics, and different item levels for different raids - it feels like the good old times from BC again. Not like Firelands/DS where you were done with normal modes after one week. I just hope they give us enough time and don't start releasing the next raid or nerfing current raids too soon.

    Don't know why people still complain about dailies, getting revered really doesn't take long (I've been exalted with everything for some time now) and everything else is optional.

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    Love it, minus Zorlok and Lei Shi. Fights make me want to gouge my eyes out with boredom.
    Quote Originally Posted by judgementofantonidas View Post
    Blizzard offered cardboard cut outs with poster pictures of bosses stapled on them upside down and sideways and many players now feel that is raiding.

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    Tier has a lot of well designed bosses, just like tier 11. Let's hope they don't make the same mistakes they did with Cata.

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    I think tuning has been a bit off.. I'm speaking from 10 man PoV now though, Like the normals have been a bit all over the place in terms of hardness, nothing too hard though, but certainly some too easy. 2nd Issue is some of the heroic in HoF.. 2nd, 3rd and 4th boss in HoF were a huge disappointment in difficulty..

    Overall raid design has been quite nice though and much better than ds or firelands, fights are more diverse, you they are different, you dont play with only 1-2 mechanics, nothing to complain really. Exept Spirit kings and Zor'lok heroics, random boss order in my mind is just a huge plunder, sure it helps to keep it fresh when you over gear the content, but when you are progressing on it, if the 2nd boss decides to be something that is near impossible to execute with your gear, you just have no choice but to reset the encounter.

    Now while am critical here. Its not bad overall over the content that I've seen given bosses are downed too fast on heroic. I'm liking it quite much. So much so that this is prolly the most fun I've had in raiding since hardmodes in ICC, maybe even since ulduar.. Now its all still fresh and HoF hc has been out for a week and we are still gearing, there are very few people at 495+ ilevel so the bosses might turn to be a joke soon(can see that happening on shek'zeer which is atm really nicely tuned).

    Still the content aint over we still got 4 progress fights to go, 6 if you count the different orders on protectors. I just hope that NONE of ToES bosses will be tuned wrong, the mechanics are there, to make the fights really really tight. We just got to hope that the tuning is right. And made for the right gear level(which would prolly be 500+ atm), But as I said.. We will have to wait for few days to find out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Raxxed View Post
    Love it, minus Zorlok and Lei Shi. Fights make me want to gouge my eyes out with boredom.
    Oh yes. Zor'lok I rather enjoy, but LS ain't my favourite either.

    Lei Shi: "Hide!"

    The raid: -20sec of mindless AoE-

    Lei Shi: "kk I'm back.. LOL JK HIDE AGAIN UMAD BRAH"

    The raid: ...
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    I really, really like Tier 14 raids so far (only 6/6 and 2/6 so far, working on Garalon), the bosses are nice and varied, not over- or undertuned and just plain fun.

    Only misshap I've seen so far is that the first bosses of each MV and HoF can be harder than the next boss (if you got chains + pools + mines on the dogs), making them a bit of an unneccessary roadblock for lesser experienced pugs.

    I really dig aswell that there are 3 instances + 2 worldbosses, aswell as a clear progression from one instance to the next, aka MV -> HoF -> TeS.

    People will always complain, it's either "not enough new raidbosses" and "only 1 instance/tier is soooo boring" or "it's all so overwhelming".

    Personally, I much prefer "overwhelming" amounts of raid-instances and -bosses over "not enough to do and getting bored".

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    Tier 14 has been one of the best tiers yet, in my opinion. MSV > HoF so far, but they're both very good.

    Not seen Terrace yet, still progressing through HoF. But yeah. Good stuff so far.

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