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    Question Question: What is a "soak tank"?

    Hey noob question,

    I was in trade earlier and on my server a guild started saying it was recruiting a soak tank and then put druid and monk in bracket. So something along the lines of "looking for a soak tank (druid/monk) for our raid team."

    What makes them soak tanks and not the plate tanks? They all soak the damage...

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    probably with high stamina. so rather soaking up the damage instead of mitigating it. druids/monks don't have block.

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    Typically in the past druids were considered soak tanks because we used high HP to avoid being killed along with dodge streaks. Paladin and warrior tanks always have a way to reduce damage but druids didn't. This was a while ago, I don't tank on my druid anymore and raid with a warrior and pally tank but I don't believe this is the case anymore. Most tanks are similar now. However, it still does stand because druids can keep a high uptime of frenzied regen and dodging along with monks (who are similar). Not sure if this helps at all but its the best I can think of.

    EDIT: They could be looking for someone to soak cleaves on Garalon too.

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