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    How is LOTRO these days?

    I haven't played LOTRO in a few years and my 6 month of game play for WoW is ending really soon. I've already canceled that account since I really am not finding it fun right now. How is LOTRO these days? I really liked the community, the world and music were really good. Is it worth getting back into it? If I buy the digital deluxe edition of Rohan do I get all the quests plus the ones for the older expansions?

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    wow is not ending soon we have this expansion and the next at the least.

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    Quote Originally Posted by slagathor1995 View Post
    wow is not ending soon we have this expansion and the next at the least.
    I know that but I get the 6 month game time and I only have a month left on it. I know WoW is not ending any time soon but it is for me.

    OT: How casual friendly is LOTRO now? Is there a monthly fee option or is it F2P after you buy the game now?

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    Take a look here!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kerdozia View Post
    Take a look here!
    Thanks, that answers some questions. Now does anyone have feedback game play?

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    I dont :/ I think I have downloaded the install 5 times but never installed the game

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    Well I tried to install the Mac client but Turbine was lazy and did not register as a developer for OS X, meaning the install failed with ominous messages about being corrupted and such. After two such downloads (21g each) I gave up only to find out days later about Turbine being the cause.

    Its an OK game, better than SWTOR and at times even better than GW2... actually I like the world of Middle Earth far more than that rectangular wonder we know as GW2
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