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    Resto Shaman Help

    I was wondering if anyone might have time to play review some logs! I'm raiding in 25 normal right now and trying to eek out any extra healing I can find for Garalon as he is proving to rock our world. Any insight into what I might be missing or doing wrong would be much appreciated.


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    would be helpful to see your garalon logs. cause for elgalon things are looking not too bad there for you personally. The one thing I for sure recommend is dropping TC for TR. You're using HST a lot, which is good, but losing out on saving 100k+ mana vs the GCD's you're using on gaining 10k mana from TC. That 90k mana gained from TR can then be used for more UE powered HR's. Outside of that nothing jumps out aside from possibly you're not using UE powered HR's.. If there is an issue my hunch is it's tied up in team things moreso than spell selection or rotation for you personally. Do you have range having a semi stack point for every stomp so your HR is hitting them? Do your healers have a CD rotation to have something popped a couple seconds before every stomp?

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