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    Flame Shock should only be cast if Unleashed Flame is up and it is near expiring/already fallen off of the target. For anything other than Elemental Blast, this would mean that you either have a wasted Unleashed Flame, or one that could be directed to Fire Nova source

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    From tonights raid, it seems like I got about a 14k dps increase across the board.

    Looking at about 80+% searing flames uptime. a couple of bosses it was around 70%.

    Thanks a lot for the help! we had a good night, 3 hours, all of MSV down and 4 bosses in HoF. We're not world first material but it's going smoother. I just wish I could get others to get some help as well.
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    Hello I'd say you can do better with searing totem m8 no reason to let it disappear.
    It doesn't have a cost or CD get used to dropping it all the time (except when FE is up ugh)
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    Not bad. Hope you have fun.

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    You might consider using something like enhancement-technique(search on curse) if you are having issues with your rotation and keeping you searing totem down. Im fairly new to enhancement my self and it has been a tremendous help

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