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    Yes, we totally had transmogrification in that patch, well done.
    This topic is not abt transmog, so you can go on ur merry ways I guess?

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    Because making all of the items equal makes loot tables larger for no reason, other classes are less likely to get the loot they want because Blizzard have to put identically statted versions of every weapon type in the game for every class in the game.
    You would be less likely to get any non-weapon item that you wanted, because loot tables would be enormous. Remember, they wouldn't only have to do this for casters.

    Quote Originally Posted by mrgreenthump View Post
    This topic is not abt transmog, so you can go on ur merry ways I guess?
    Yes it is? It's about looks, and my post was also about transmog as it clearly said because it said "out of the two tiers in which we have had transmog".
    If nobody cared about looks this topic wouldn't exist.

    Out of the two most recent tiers a staff has been BiS half of the time... so as I originally said, nobody is being "shafted" especially not "yet again".
    We literally just had a best in slot staff and people say "we never have best in slot staves"...
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    The problem is, there are no real choices this tier that you can compare statwise... they did not implement a staff until now and they din't implement 2 classbasic weapons either that are on the same item level except the dagger from unsok and the dagger from protectors which equal out pretty much the same.

    Well you could compare the mace from Emeperors will and the torch from elegon. Pretty nuch the same statwise aswell.

    But the thing I really dont get is the bigger lootpool you mention. It wouldn't make any differen for this tier if it was equal, would it? They only thing it would speed up is the process of loot distributed equally and you would actually have a choice (statswise)

    I really cant understand the system of blizz there anyway, they give these sha touched weapons to the two Endbosses for Healers, agi melee one hand and Str Melee but distribute the caster, 2hand agi and range agi weapons to piss ass easy bosses. I mean melee classes in general are already screwed.

    While on normal it makes no difference on heroic it sure does...

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