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    Special letters in WoW

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    So i am having some issues with WoW atm. I am from croatia and we have some special letters that does not exist in english like Č, Ć, Ž, Š and Đ. Now when i try to write that letters in wow i get blank space and after typing one of these i cant type anything else. Its buged in all chats from wow ones to the battle tag and real id. problem is i know blizzard is supporting these letters cus when i log into d3 or sc2 i can write em normaly. Even had to remove ppl from real id if they had these letters in name cus i could not read anything from em.

    i am aware that this could be posted on some croatian formus or similar languages but i do not know of any so looking for help here

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    There is an addon that lets you post special characters - just trying to find it on curse for you. I have tried it and it does work - will be back - just posting to let you know maybe a solution for you


    Hope that helps
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