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    Combat weapon question.

    So I'm playing combat spec and I have Fist weapon from Gara'jal (LFR) and 463 hearoic dungeon one (also fist) and today I've dropped Dagger from Stone Guards (LFR) and I have a question: is this a good idea to switch 463 fist to this dagger or it will affect my Combat Potency passive in terms of weapon speed?

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    Use fist in MH and lfr dagger in offhand. Its a very small diference between fast and slow offhands and you can ignore it.
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    Whichever off-hand has the higher "advertised" DPS (right under how hard it hits) is the better choice.
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    I came here wondering this same question. I already have the "less than .01%" drop fist weapon from heroic shadow-pan, and got both the dagger and the fist from LFR vaults today. So is it right to assume that nowadays that weapon speed doesn't matter that much since instant and deadly poison are virtually one and the same?

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    Weapons DO matter, but not as much as you'd think, and it's been partially normalized. MG procs should be nearly the same between fist and dagger, but fist OH does more KS damage, and dagger OH does more poison damage (it's % proc, not PPM). For the same ilevel weapons, on a single target, a fist OH enjoys a slight advantage, assuming you can KS on CD.

    Realistically, if you're not doing cutting-edge heroics, use the highest ilevel weapons you have (2.6 MH, whatever's free OH) that remains relatively convenient (I don't reforge when I swap to combat, so my setup is based around having as little hit/expertise change between weapons as possible).

    Unless there's something I've missed, fist/fist should be ahead for cleave fights *when you can KS ideally*. Positioning dependent, this is not the case for a lot of cleave fights. A dagger OH would be even when Stone Guardians are not stacked tightly, and ahead on Garalon if you don't master the KS distance.
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    Hi, quick question.
    Just got the LFR fist and I'm thinking about the correct offhand to use to it.
    I atm got:

    The PvP dagger got more AGI, but the Sword has two secondary stats compared to the dagger. I'm just not 110% sure which one will plainly give more dps? Mostly Since AGI is almost twice as good as any secondary stat.

    Any idés ?
    Thanks In advance!

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    Identical advertised-DPS...you have to look at the itemization I guess.

    The Sinister Saber has 274 Hit and Expertise rating, and 274 Agility.
    The Malevolent Shanker has 274 Crit, but has 411 Agility.

    I'd go with the Saber, since you've got more room to work with it and other reforging as a result.
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