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    People whined that DS was too easy, but it was a testing ground for LFR in general. It proved to be very successful, so like I expected, LFR was more than likely going to be more challenging come Mists, and I was right. Some fights are easy, some are tough. Now people are complaining it's too hard. Blizzard can't win.

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    I was actually surprised how high some of the raid damage was in the final 3 encounters of HoF LFR.

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    If I remember well, in the Dragon Soul LFR, we used to wipe on Hagara because people were not running the waves properly, wipe on Yor'sajh because people didn't kill the ooze in time, and wipe on Zon'ozz because nobody was dispelling. Blizzard eventually hotfixed most of those.

    Give it time, once people actually know what the fights are about, it's going to be as easy as was Dragon Soul.

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    LFR is pretty damn hard right now and I love it!

    For the first time LFR feels like a real raid!

    This will ofc get nerfed soon....

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    I'd really rather not wipe in LFR.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pogh View Post
    For the first time LFR feels like a real raid!
    I don't really think so and most even casual raiders would also disagree with you there...

    A semi-competent group could easily do every and I mean EVERY (even Amber Shaper, which is, with LFR quality people kind of a hard boss) after 3 wipes. This is not how a real raid feels like, imo.

    Though, I somehow have to agree with the general feeling of harder LFR difficulty. Still, this might be only due to people's lack of gear, inexperience, over-tuned mechanics and so on. It will become easier eventually.

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    LFR is extremely hard to balance to be honest.
    Make it too easy and people will complain that it's faceroll, remove, free epix blablabla. But it's source of gear progression for everyone, casuals and hardcores (TIER BONUS!!)
    Make it too hard and it's a nightmare, see Garalon pre-nerf. Non stop 2/6 queues popping, pretty much impossible to get fresh one.

    LFR is pug content, intended to be beaten by 25 random people meeting ilvl requirement. That's it, communication is 50% success in raids and LFR usually has none. It must be easy or we'll be stuck on one hard boss queues forever.

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