Hello Ladies and gentlemen,

I want to tell you about the Ironpaw Shuffle.

The Ironpaw Shuffle has pre-requsites to conduct yourself:

  • Level 85 with MoP. Everyone relevant to this is in Halfhill Market, in the Valley of the Four Winds, and everything is based on level-restricted quests and items.
  • Complete the introductory quests to all 6 cooking Ways (specialisations), which notably include delivering a few ingredients (elsanglin(dot)com/cooking.html) These require 525 cooking (don't worry you can go from 1-525 from the vendor in the 4 winds)
  • Those unlock Nam Ironpaw's Preserving Freshness quest, which then becomes the repeatable quest, Replenishing the Pantry.

How Replenishing the Pantry works:

  1. Take 1 stack of any one Pandarian cooking ingredient (exceptions below) and combine it with an Empty Container for that ingredient to make a bundle of groceries. Empty Containers are sold by Merchant Cheng for 1g 50s.
  2. Complete Replenishing the Pantry with the groceries, gaining 1 Ironpaw Token per bundle of groceries (1 token per stack).
  3. Use the Ironpaw Token to buy a 100 Year Soy SauceRice Flour Black Pepper (sold by Nam Ironpaw).

Exceptions: Golden Carp (Pandaria's trash fish) are bundled in 60s, not 20s like other fish/meat. Vegetables stack in 100s, not 20s. Only Pandaria-level (Zen Master) cooking ingredients can be combined into groceries, not ingredients sold by Sugshin Ironpaw

100 Year Soy SauceRice Flour Black Pepper sells form 100-300 on most servers while cooking ingredients cost way less.