Introducing Show Me How, a short YouTube series showing players how to complete various situations they may come across while on their journey in World of Warcraft.

This series is designed for newer and casual players that might want to explore what their character can do. The ultimate plan is to have videos for each class for each situation. This series is unique in the way that I am using a no-BS rule to YouTube uploading. Most channels these days have commentary, or screen text or dubbed music (PVP videos anyone: "Let the bodies hit the floor"). I am doing none of that. Pure, unedited, raw footage of exactly the task at hand. See that it can be done, and watch it being done, so you can follow the steps to doing it yourself. The Show Me How series will have some instructions in the description box below the video.

Many topics will be covered, currently I have Battle Pets levelling and a series of soloing videos. I am completely open to requests as well. So leave comments on the videos, or post them here and I will have a shot at showing you how.

The channel is found here:

Thanks for taking the time to check it out, and keep on being awesome!