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    New Guilds... Useless/ impossible

    Ok so new guilds are so hard to make... Everyone is so stuck on their rep and their level 25 perks but no one understands what a guild really is. Also, i don't understand why ignorant people go on and accept o go to raid and don't even show... The guild scene is a joke and people don't respect other and people need to learn how to join a guild and be loyal to the guild not join we wipe then leave a day later... Ive ran 5 guilds since vanilla lots of exp in heroic raiding also, just made a new guild true destiny on sargeras very hard time making a consistent raid team so the point of posting this is to ask your guys opinion on the guild and raiding scene also to see what others have to say about this issue.

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    It's not as bad as you make it out. You have just had some bad luck.

    The important thing to remember - anyone who "requires" lvl 25 to should not want them in your guild. It basically means they don't want to put in the effort to help the guild, thus, don't really care about the guild. So, it's actually a great screening tool.

    Just keep meeting people, make friends, and your guild will slowly get larger. Don't expect to have a heroic raiding guild start from scratch and be ready in 5 days. It takes time to build a good guild. Always has.

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    You can't really expect people to join your guild and instantly be loyal and love the guild. The only way that would happen is if it's a guild of friends/family. If I knew nothing about two guilds except one is level 25 and one is level 10, why would I choose the level 10? You have to look at it from an outside perspective.

    Leveling a guild doesn't even take long. As long as you have at least a few to do dungeon challenges or do a couple arena teams it's very fast.
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    Quote Originally Posted by yjmark View Post
    The important thing to remember - anyone who "requires" lvl 25 to should not want them in your guild. It basically means they don't want to put in the effort to help the guild, thus, don't really care about the guild. So, it's actually a great screening tool.
    This x1000.

    People who 'require' a guild to be level 25 for them to join just want to mooch off of the perks.

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    I would've agreed with you somewhat in cata. But in pandaland, its so much easier, because guilds level 100 times faster than they used to and without caps. Rep is the same way.

    You can start a new guild, and as long as you have a handful of members you can max it out very quickly and everyone will be exalted.

    You just have to give people a reason to join your guild over another guild or one they are already in. There has to be incentive, and it's hard to say "Oh, well, I plan on running 10 man raids, but i gotta find 9 good people first!" it isn't very attractive, but it has always been this way, even since vanilla. People run to already established guilds because they already have raid teams that just occasionally have holes that need filling. And most new raid guilds that are successful are formed from disgruntled members of another raid guild that get together because they think they can do better, so even they already have a nice strong foundation for their raid team right from the get go.

    To just create a new level 1 guild, by yourself, and expect to get decent members and get anything done, just isn't going to happen. It takes connections, a name, or something else to draw people.
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    I actually refuse to invite people to the guild if they start saying they require a level 25 guild.
    Loyalty is earned over time so if someone joins and expects to be given all (one person joined and immediately asked why can't they access GB) them types tend to not stick around once they have what they wanted

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    It actually doesn't take long to level a guild if you have even a small group of friends, which I think is the minimum to start a decent guild. Also, it does take awhile to build a decent raid team. You have to have patience and keep using all of your options available to you to recruit. Once you have a full team, you shouldn't really stop recruiting there, since your roster is always in flux to a certain degree, even in 10 man.

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    My problem is that I can't recruit anyone because of CRZ. Everyone that sends me a tell back is from another realm so it's just me, my husband, and our friend at least we got it to level 13 by ourselves but still it sucks that CRZ is getting in the way of recruiting people. They should've just done server merges instead.

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