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    If anyone wants it i'll gladly give it for 500 jokes! not that its worth more than 200 imo

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    $5,570.16 for my main
    $3,539.59 alt 1
    $3,432.47 alt 2
    $3,374.45 alt 3

    got several other 85's but cba

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    My Main:

    Same name as my forum name.

    EDIT: Actually this tool seems bugged, every time i hit refresh the amount changes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Yobtar View Post

    I was offered $2500 for my raid geared Holy Priest and 33k gold at the end of TBC when I quit playing on US. I still wonder if I should have taken the money, I don't play that account anymore.
    You should have. Whenever I see anyone with vanilla pvp titles I don't think cool, I think sucker. Naxx40 geared toons were worth getting rid of pre-bc based on a number of factors...the prices (highest in wow history), no achievements, and a complete gear reset right around the corner.

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    I am too ashamed to say. God I spent a lot of time on this game.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kaellen View Post
    Decked out Warcraft accounts sell for quite a bit. However, I am NOT clicking on that link.
    not since 2009

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    My main is showing as $8,762.09 Would love to know how they decide whats valuable or not, ir is it just a straight out same value for everything;o

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    My "main" which is still level 85, haven't done anything at all in MoP... is worth $7,878.85 on Maldy.

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    The site is pretty accurate, but they got one small error in math.

    They should devide the number by 10.

    If it says that your character is worth 5k$ - the real price is 500$.

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    Interesting how Kungen from Nihilum/Ensidia is only worth $ 5,210.44. You'd think with all his history he would beat an average joe like me by lightyears, but i'm only 500 bucks behind apparently.

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    $4700 just for my hunter lol. I probably wouldn't sell it.
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    Yeah I dunno it doesn't seem quite right, $8,762.09 for my main most of my alts are at around $6k even the ones I only recently levelled have really high values... dunno about that

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dsfunctional View Post
    That site doesn't seem to be very accurate.

    Take for instance the character who is ranked #1 in the World. "Fartzwrgoben" from Perenolde (EU) is "valued" at $14,989.97 - when you look him up on the armory he has aprox. 14,000 achievement points. There are people in the World with more than that, shouldn't their characters be #1, and not this guys?


    Great example. Your character also has over 14,000 achievement points. How come you character is worth nearly 3 times less than Mr. Fartz?

    Doesn't make sense.
    Why do you think that all achievements would be rated evenly? Or, for that matter, that achievements are the only part of an account that has value?

    Not that I think this thing is anywhere approaching accurate. Just that your logic is terribly flawed.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Stir View Post
    Either give an argument, or be automatically wrong. Your choice.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Firecrest View Post
    Why do you think that all achievements would be rated evenly? Or, for that matter, that achievements are the only part of an account that has value?
    I have over 15,000 achievements and I have hardly any of the new MoP ones and my ranking was like 4000 or so in the world. This site seems very unaccurate and silly.

    I believe its meant as a joke, nothing more.

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    $6104.60 for my warlock, not to bad. Adding together my 3 current active chars I get up to $15025.28. Can't be arsed to calculate all my chars :P

    I could never sell my account though. To much work put into it for some random person taking over it and ruining my fictional reputation! :O

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    Quote Originally Posted by Unproven View Post
    Purely for fun.

    Check out what your account is worth!
    im quite sure it isent entirely accurate.. but what ever (;

    mine was woth 2154$

    what is yours worth?
    $4426 with my main... says I"m 5th on my server... which has to be incorrect... I"m no where near the top of my server.

    the rankings are definately inaccurate... says my paladin is 8th...

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    my level 15 shaman is worth $847.90

    Yeah. SOOO inaccurate.
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    Druid $3229.04
    DK $3,641.81
    Lock $2508.08

    Not abd for 3 of 20 odd toons

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    Yeah...nobody really pays even 1,000 dollars for a character anymore unless it has something really really rare...or better yet, many things that are really really rare. As someone else said, unless that applies to you no one gives a shit and your character is worth 1/10th of that at the very most. My entire account might be worth the 5.5k it says my toon is worth but that is mostly because I have 3 90s, 7 85s and moreover a shitload of gold. I'm pretty sure this site just randomizes numbers for how much your character is worth and basis the value off of absolutely nothing.

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