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    I really doubt anyone would pay this much.

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    No way in hell someone would pay $5000 for a WoW account lol maybe if you spent a few years looking for that 1 buyer that is dumb enough to fork out that much for a video game character.

    I can't believe people actually think this site is legit lmao. This made my day lol.
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    $2,456.97 for my main. I'm going to cry now lol.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Firecrest View Post
    Why do you think that all achievements would be rated evenly? Or, for that matter, that achievements are the only part of an account that has value?

    Not that I think this thing is anywhere approaching accurate. Just that your logic is terribly flawed.
    I was just trying to point out the fact, that this tool is essentially garbage. Currently the most elite account for sale are only going for around $3000 - $3900, when I say elite, I mean Scarab Lord elite, with more achievements than in my examples.

    The numbers that this site are producing is completely inaccurate.


    Now this account is not a Scarab Lord like I mentioned above, but this character is certainly more elite than the supposed rank #1. And you can purchase this account right now, for $2000.
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    Not bad for a lvl 85 char that hasn't been played for over a year.

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    My guess would be that the site estimates the actual value of the character as in time spent etc, not market value as if you'd sell it.

    Like, say some one have: Started in WotLK, Got average rank 500 boss kills, 120 mounts and 200 pets and say 8k achievement points and somewhat a respectable item level as of today, 485ish. Now, the site could possibly value that character to say 5k usd while you'd not get more than say 400 usd if you'd sell it.

    (Please note that numbers and values are just made up to give a decent example)

    Another good example is that German rogue with 1.7m HKs. Afaik (correct me if I'm wrong) he don't have anything notable besides this insanely high kill count. So if you'd sell your character the buyer may not value it that much, same goes for those players with 20+ max leveled characters. In most cases of expensive accounts, the buyer have already decided what class to get and along with this he want that one character to be notable, mostly by gear, achievements and mounts. All around that is, usually not only high in one of the categories.

    Edit: Also, @ expectwar. While 5000 $ is quite an amount it's kinda cheap compared to many other hobbies.

    Edit2: Ontopic: 9.2k or something.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dsfunctional View Post
    That site doesn't seem to be very accurate.

    Take for instance the character who is ranked #1 in the World. "Fartzwrgoben" from Perenolde (EU) is "valued" at $14,989.97 - when you look him up on the armory he has aprox. 14,000 achievement points. There are people in the World with more than that, shouldn't their characters be #1, and not this guys?


    Great example. Your character also has over 14,000 achievement points. How come you character is worth nearly 3 times less than Mr. Fartz?

    Doesn't make sense.
    Because he has 1723975 Honorable Kills

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    $4100. If I could sell it for that much i'd do it in a heartbeat.

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    $7,301.73 :>

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    70 priest: $2,955.83

    Looks like another completely useless website. There is no way anyone would pay even 10th of that for my priest.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Metzlsepp-Antonidas
    Meanwhile ...

    Nomi opens up a new kitchen in Darnassus.

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    Beastmaster from Blade's Edge(US) - $3K... not bad
    Gnømercy from Blade's Edge(US) - $2300. Cool

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    $9,401.46. I don't think anyone would pay that much for my account.

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    Woo, she's worth more than my current car!
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    My account is worth roughly 12K so anyone want in on this I will gladly take it.

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    lol what the.... it says my lvl 72 dk is worth more than my 90 Hunter... haha whats up with that?

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    $3,634.95 Would sell it instantly!

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    $6,076.33 for my paladin,$ 4,854.96 for my priest, $4887 for my rogue. Rogue and paladin are the ones with legendaries (2 and 4, respectively) so I'm not sure why the priest is so close.

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    Without having to use the link, my characters are worth however much someone is willing to pay for it. But I would never sell them anyway unless someone offered me a crazy amount of money for them, so I suppose it's irrelevant.

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    $ 8,877.79

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    $3872 but I will be fair I'll let you have it for half
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