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    Divide that by the hours I've spent playing the char and .. it hurts.
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    Patience and reason do appear to be in short supply these days in the gaming community.

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    Your Value: $ 6,465.12 + 800.000 gold.

    Was way more than I thought it would be worth. But the issue obviously comes with finding a buyer. I'd easily settle for less^^
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    what the hell. i'd probably sell my account for a tenth of the prices these guys are getting.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dd614 View Post
    Cutting your subscription base in half in just 6 months. #justwarlordsthings

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    Going by that site, I'm thinking people should have asked for more when unloading there accounts.

    Those prices are a little nuts.

    However, 7857.45 is the offer and I'd sell it right now to the first bidder.

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    $ 11,088.10
    But the calculator has no clue what kind treasures i haz in pockets!
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    i like how my lvl 72 priest is worth more then my lvl 85 warlock
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    6,652.70 $ - wow :P wts account!

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    Faroth's value is $4,642

    I am sharing it with proud.

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    lvl 85, Your Value $ 4,171.00

    => Classic CE ; Old-School-Rider: Ancient Frostsaber ; Spectral Tiger...

    Is the value to low or to high?

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    3.816 $ for my main. Seems reasonable. I mean I have a few mounts that aren't available anymore, and a few titles with same thing, I have a few hard to get achievements. I think that if my character was 90 I'd get much more, but an 85 char seems to still be useful. Funny enough, the first number, the one at top, is much higher for this char then the number at the bottom, it's 4.700 $ or so, while the bottom number is the one I said earlier.

    My alt is 3.181 $, seems ok. I'm sure that the fact it has less achievements of its own removed from that sum. This one has same sum both up and down it seems.

    That said, it's not accurate at all. I did it for my main, got rank 50 on my server, even got a bronze medal, did it for alt, then returned to main and now I was rank 87 on server.

    5 minutes later I'm 88 on my server. Funny that after a year of missing from the game and another half of logging 2 months in a year I'm still worth more then the majority of people on my server lol.
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    $3,234 for my Monk & My Druid is $6,894
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    Hmmm $4797, is that also the amount of money spent on it?
    Just kidding.... not that I'd be able to get that amount of money for it I think....

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    Seems inaccurate, since this doesn't take into account all of unobtainable / rare / unique stuff I got.
    Like my glorious silly hat collection I got in the bank. Papal Fez forever.

    Edit: Huh. Recalculating it a second time it gives me 7,522 dollar instead. Weird site.
    Edit2: And after clearing cache the picture now displays 7k too when it said 11k before. :V
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    I spread the love amongst many characters, however my old main is "worth" $3100. No, no it is not lol.

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    Too much I'd say

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    My main: $ 2,831.19

    LOL I'm pretty sure that website adds a free digit, $ 283 is the correct value I'd say.
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    Between two of my characters that I checked, the value was over $5,000. I'd gladly accept that for those two characters. Judging by those two alone, it seems like I'm sitting on at least $25,000 worth of characters.

    So if anyone wants a $25,000 account, I'll gladly sell it for $20,000.

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    $ 2,599.57 (main)
    $ 2,903.27
    $ 2,555.79
    $ 2,774.21
    $ 2,407.45

    From my 5 most used characters.. Well, I like to switch characters a lot and at the same time accomplish nothing, which would raise the values of those characters.

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