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    could get a car for that much lol
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dancing Turkey View Post
    My main is showing as $8,762.09 Would love to know how they decide whats valuable or not, ir is it just a straight out same value for everything;o
    I did a little reading around on it once, it takes into account a variety of things. How many/what legendaries you might have, what rare mounts, what content you've cleared. It sorta looks at everything. At least that what it seems like. I'm just happy my main is decently ranked in the worth. I was 7th on my server in end of Cata but dropped to 27th now. Too bad I don't think I could get the 5800$ if I wanted to.

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    3,490. on my hunter
    4,304. on my Dk

    so /yay

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    Lol, I'd sell my account right away if those prices were real. All of my chars are above the $2000, and as I have 15 lvl 85+. Somehow, my priest, on who I've raided as alt throughout Cata, is worth less then my mage banker on which I've only done LFR and was leveled in 4.3...
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    7,642.13, I'd cash that out now if I could.

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    Well.. seems it can't track Pets/Mounts anymore, having impact on scores. I was at $8557.27, his the "refresh button" next to my value, and now it's $5983.76, and the "Pet Seeker" and "Mount Seeker" marks are gone. Account-wide impacts many things.
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    Games are not necessarily "easier" today. You are just a better player.
    It takes more now to impress many gamers than it did 2-5 years ago, because so much has already been seen and done.
    Many players expect to be wow'd with every release of a beloved franchise.
    These are generally NOT the fault of the developers, but the fault of many players over-hyping and/or setting expectations too high.

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    My main is apparently worth $12,522.64, would sell it in a heart beat!

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    Not played MoP, so both are level 85 but my Priest (main) is $3,688 and my Warrior (alt but with both MC legendaries) is $2,675.

    Website's a load of rubbish though, there's no way any sane person will spend that much on an account. The most a character would go for would be several hundred, unless it had numerous world firsts on it (Kungen's character probably would).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Unproven View Post
    Purely for fun.

    Check out what your account is worth!
    im quite sure it isent entirely accurate.. but what ever (;

    mine was woth 2154$

    what is yours worth?

    Dont worry, the link should be perfectly safe..

    you only write in ur char name, realm and it uses wow armory to check out stats achiivemtns and stuff like that.
    every achi / epic gear got a fixed $ value and it just then adds it all up

    just tried to put in my mates numbers.
    ended up at 11.5k >.<
    If you searched you would have found the same exact thread.
    Quote Originally Posted by PRE 9-11 View Post
    This term isn't far off, though it would need the word "scientific" in front of it.
    Quote Originally Posted by PRE 9-11 View Post
    Accessibility, ownership, availability; these are all essentially the same thing.

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    I hope no one seriously believes that their characters are worth this much.

    The highest-end character MIGHT go for around 1k.

    Your average 90 will sell for $50-100

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    5k LOL

    Since MoP prices seems to be higher

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    Yeah... I doubt that my account is worth over 23000$....

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    Is this shit for real?

    My toon is worth $5,738.57 i could seriously use that kind of money atm but i will never sell

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    If only this was accurate

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    well one character is expensive cos it has rare ach mounts and stuff ...

    So of course adding 5 characters isnt making the cost of the acc , becaouse youre adding same stuff , i mean youre adding that rare zebra cost 5 times over which is wrong ,

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    This site must be broken..

    Main: 4,581.00 (Almost full epic raid gear)
    Alt: 5,534.19 (In blue pvp gear)

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    My Paladin 9,205.27. Seems an absurd amount.

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    With all of my characters combined, I'm sitting at $25,763?????

    Would sell it in a heartbeat if someone offered me the cash.
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