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    Magic find vs Monster power

    Im pretty new on this game so I probably gonna say some realy stupid but oh well.
    So the question is this, if I gear myself full of MF and go normal inferno isnt the same as going hight monster power but with no MF gear?
    I mean MP1 drop exactly the same itens as MP10 but is harder to find them at MP1 am I right?


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    If you play lower acts, always use (at least) MP1, and try to balance your gear. MP1 turns mobs into level 63, whereas further ranks will just improve your MF.

    Also, items, a lot of people misspell this word and I have no idea why.
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    To understand MF one has to understand the caps

    300 from Gear and/or paragon level and/or gear on follower
    75 from NV stacks
    250 from MP10 each MP adds 25

    Mp10 cap is 625

    So the MF cap at Mp1 is 400(300gear or/and paragon+75stacks+25mp1)

    Source: http://www.diablofans.com/topic/5793...tical-insight/

    All of this to say that higher MP means a higher MF cap but its totally impracticable due to high end MPs requiring good gear not leaving room for MF on gear.

    Since from Mp1 all mobs are 63 the chance of getting a item in Mp1 its the same as Mp10 aslong one has the same MF, Mp10 gives 225 MF but u can run Mp1 with 225 MF on gear totaly doable and have the same chance of getting items that a Mp10 has without him running MF on gear.
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