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    [H] 2/6H MV 6/6 HoF 4/4 ToES <Neolutum> of Turalyon (2 nights W/Th 7-11PM EST)

    We're Looking for Excellent Ranged DPS and a Tank!

    [H] 3/6H MV 6/6 HoF 4/4 ToES [Neolutum] of US-Turalyon (Wed/Thur 6:45 - 11PM EST) wants you!

    We are currently recruiting for our heroic raid team! We need more skilled players to join our ranks as we prepare for MOP and quick progression in the new expansion. We pride ourselves in our ability to stay competitive with a two night raiding schedule. If you're an exceptional player and think that you might fit well with our guild then please put in an application even if your class isn't listed below.

    When applying, providing us with WoL parses will greatly increase your chance to get recruited, so it's highly recommended. Any DPS that believes they'll be able to outperform one of our members are encouraged to apply as well.

    Applicants must...

    * Strive for excellence every night.
    * Take advice and criticism with an open mind.
    * Adjust to progression fight mechanics and strategies quickly.
    * Be able to attend most of our raids (85%).
    * Be knowledgeable of both your class and raid role(s)
    * Have Mumble and a working headset.

    To apply, create an account on our website @ http://www.neolutum.com and click on the 'Recruitment' section above and fill out the form. We will get back to you in the next two days following your application.

    W, Th - 6:45 to 11 PM EST

    Currently highly needed for the guild (but not limited to):
    * RANGED DPS - particularly mage, spriest or boomkin.
    * A TANK - looking for monk, warrior or paladin - must also be able to make Tuesdays from 6:45-11
    * Everything! We're looking for every class/spec for Mists. If you've got stellar parses, please app and we'll gladly look over your app!

    If you've any questions you may contact one of us via realid/battletag:
    * Fimbulvinter - Fim#1909
    * Cepheus - [email protected]

    or whisper Balthz, Belnai, Cepheus, Vistol, Nosis of Fimbulvinter in game.

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    none of this page 2 rubbish

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