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    Haven't played in a long time, interested in playing again, curious about DPS classes

    Hi, I'm not sure if threads like this are allowed in General Discussion so I apologize if that's the case. I haven't played since the very beginning of Cata and I recently became interested in playing again. As there have been so many changes, I've found it hard to get a full picture of what things are like now. More specifically, I'm interested in what a few classes play like as well as their flavor, if you will.

    In particular I'm interested in Monks, SPriests, Rogues, and Warriors. I greatly appreciate any information or experiences that you guys can provide.

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    monk, hit the shinny button

    Spriest, nuke-DoT-filler.

    Rogue, nuke-buff-filler

    warrior, hit buttons and wait for things to proc.
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    If you want to start fresh I would recommend a monk. Haven't played one myself but I've a number for friends and guildmates who do and have had a lot of fun playing with the class and leveling it up. Plus if you roll a Pandaren the starting zone there is a lot of fun, though don't let that dissuade you from playing a monk of your favorite race.

    Also they are pretty versatile, but since you want to play Dps then I would suggest specing into Windwalker.

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    Don't play as melee dps, you will be thankful for my advice later on.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ferocity View Post
    Don't play as melee dps, you will be thankful for my advice later on.
    Unless he has played them in the past then he will do fine.
    Aye mate

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    I've been playing around as a SPriest on PTR the last few days. I find it really easy to get into, and really fun. of course I love DoTs and passive effects, so yeah...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Airwaves View Post
    Unless he has played them in the past then he will do fine.
    Won't be fine when the guild says fuck off during invites. Melee does basically fine, yes, but when it comes to good ranged vs good melee, the ranged tends to be favored.

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