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    Addons for people with Topographagnosia/DTD?

    Simply put, it is impossible for me to think in a three dimensional level and judge distances due to a condition I have.

    So what this basically means, if I go inside a cave in World of warcraft and it happens to be multi level I will get lost. Or if I'm using a quest finder and it does not include z-axis, I will frequently run into mountains panicking where to go.

    Guild Wars 2 seemed to fix this for the most part, by having waypoints acknowledge the z-axis. However I get frustrated every time I play world of warcraft now, especially in zones that has multiple elevation levels. Is there anything that can help me out or should I just give up in this game?
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    I'm assuming as a basic idea of what you would need the addon to do is if you go in a cave and the objective is below you, it would tell you how to navigate the cave to get to that spot below you?

    So far I've yet to hear of an addon that does such but I can't say I've been looking. :P

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