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    Raid Progression

    Hey there people of MMO-Champion,

    I am the MT and raid leader of a fairly casual 10m raid group. We raid two times a week for around 3.5 hours. We are currently stuck at Elegon in normal mode (Healers cant handle their job). I have tried recruiting, but because of our "progression" level, we dont have much to offer in terms of raiding for new members.

    I have noticed from watching several streams today that the new instance, TES, seems fairly easy compared to Elegon. Would it be plausible to, instead of banging our heads against the wall that is Elegon, to skip in and start TES, or even head into HOF? Im really just trying to find a way to boost morale in our group. Killing new bosses is the best way to do that.

    Any advice or comments would be fantastic!!


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    You need to clear MSV in order to access HoF, and need to clear HoF to get access to TES. I think that HoF/TES is way harder than MSV anyway so its probably better to continue in msv.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Aletuna View Post
    You need to clear MSV in order to access HoF, and need to clear HoF to get access to TES
    The second half is true. The first is not. You can access normal HoF regardless of whether you have completed normal MSV.

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    If your healers are having some trouble, you might want to look at why it is. Here are some thing that made a big difference for my 10 man.

    1. Try using raid cool downs during your protector kills. If your dps is on the ball, you should be able to reliably get 1 protector the first time and 2 the second time.
    2. Have ranged stand in a place they can jump to clear their stack, then they should be able to clear it whenever they reach an instant spell in their "rotation" without a loss of dps. Melee can swap to the protector and go out with it to reset their stacks, this should limit them to 6-7 stacks.
    3. In phase 3, don't actually tank the adds. Have a tank grab aggro and kite the adds. (If you kill pillars at the opposite ends near the same time, less adds spawn.)

    Those 3 things made a huge difference in our performance. Also, if your dps have a heal based on damage, it can be a huge difference as the spark stacks increase on Elegon. Our dps DK uses Death Siphon for a 300k heal for his death runes in the last phase and doesn't need any other healing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ThePants999 View Post
    The second half is true. The first is not. You can access normal HoF regardless of whether you have completed normal MSV.
    You're right, my bad.

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    You didn't say how you're failing on Elegon aside from a snide comment about the healers. What phase are you pushing to, are your raiders dropping stacks, how many protectors do you get, how many waves can you clear? If you're doing those cleanly and the healers just can't push you over the top, then I don't know how your healers would deal with Force and Verve. If you get more than 2 protectors or your dps is dying with 15-20 stacks, it's not the healer's fault.

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    We are regularly getting 2 then 3 protectors and 3 waves of sparks. To my knowledge people are dropping stacks regularly (melee is going out when protector explodes to reset their stacks/maximize their up time on elegon). Our problem is keeping people alive. Healing drops behind VERY quickly, and are going OOM before the final burn phase. Our Holy Paladin (The main problem healer) topped out at 42k hps during our best attempt, and he is one of the best geared players in the raid. From talking to several friends who play Holy Paladins, 50k HPS is easy for this fight, with less gear. Is that a faulty assumption?

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    Well, a holy pally doing 50k healing tonight on MSV 10 normal would place at number 242 in this fight on World of Logs for all holy pallies. So he has a lot of room to grow but expecting world top 250 in a casual 2x per week raid group is a bit much. The top pallies are pushing over 90k hps, sure. Then again, the top warlocks are pushing over 180k dps.

    3 waves of sparks sounds awfully low. I know people have beat the encounter with that few, but it's going to make it tougher on the tanks and healers.

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    FYI I cant quite post links yet, but I have logs for both nights we attempted Elegon. H<BedIam> Blackrock server

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