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    Looking for feed back on my Windwalkers DPS

    Hey all not someone who posts a ton here but after the last few weeks and seeing number i am unhappy with over all on my Windwalker in raids i'm looking for some feedback on what i might be missing. So i'm linking a few parses and my armory. Id like constructive feedback and any tips or tricks i might be missing. Things that may not be seen in parses I am using Tiger's eye charges at 5 stacks.

    Armory Link

    Blade Lord Parse

    Zor'lok Parse

    Protectors Parse

    Thanks for any feedback
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    while it isnt much your up time could be improved on the buff of tiger paw and the debuff on rising sun kick, you could try casting fists of fury more given how much damage it does but that is very much a fight by fight thing, some fights just dont favor fists of fury, little things like that can make a big diffrence for example the diffrence between using 10 stacks of tigereye over 5 is 10% damage increase buff that if timed right xuen would take too, i think its more about smart planning thinking 'by the time xuen is off cooldown I could get 10 stacks just about' rather than a rigid 'use on 5 at all times'

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    Are you sure Xuen profits from TeB? Iirc it doesn't, but i could be wrong there.
    To your logs: I mainly analyzed the Zorlok kill, since Blade Lord is a bit hard due to a low uptime in the last phase and I don't know the Protectors fight yet.
    There is some room for improvement, with your gear ~80k should be easily attainable in that fight. I'll try to give an overview of some points that could use a bit improvement:
    - The biggest issue I found was RSK: Try to use it on cooldown, and if needed safe your Chi for it (without overcapping energy). You used it on average every 12.2 seconds, and while ~8 seconds are not possible on that boss due to flying away and mind controls, it could be a little better.
    - In this fight, ToK is really good, to help out your healers and to do some damage. While it won't be a big boost, it will help in terms of dps.
    - While FoF is a DPS increase, it's only if all the stars align. Read: no energy overcapping, no delaying RSK, not too much haste to lose procs, no movement in the next 4 seconds, ... . I personally found that the damage gain is not worth the risk (at least for me). A very good rotation without FoF does more damage than a quite good rotation with FoF. So, if you are like me and are not a 100% sure to use it perfectly, just don't push the button. You used it once in the fight, so not a big point though, but it only gave you 4 ticks, so it was already a small loss.
    - As Rayiara said, the Tiger Power buff was not optimal. Try to stack it soon after the pull (a good opening rota would be something like RSK - TP - Jab - TP - TP with 4 Chi prestacked), and try to not let it fall off, which can be a bit tricky on that boss, but (at least before 5.1) it should be better to refresh the debuff when he's flying away that you don't have to stack it up again from 0. The exact duration for when this is needed depends on how fast you and your raid can change platforms.
    - Chi Wave can help, but it's a DPS loss. So, if healing is really needed, use Expel Harm, since it's not such a big loss / even a dps increase (with no overheal), depending on mastery afaik. If that's not enough and your healers are having trouble, then Chi Wave is the way to go, but preferrably with a macro casting it on yourself (for faster healing / more heal ticks compared to damage). A simple macro would be:
    #showtooltip Chi Wave
    /cast [@player] Chi Wave
    - Another thing especially for that fight: If you are stacked for mind controls, you can use leg sweep immediately after people being MCed. So they don't damage the raid or use cc's (hi @ warriorfear) on the raid themself, and usually it takes about 5 seconds to break the cc. Though I could be wrong here and your guild is much faster than mine breaking the cc's. Doesn't change anything for the damage but can help out here a bit.

    And to your gear:
    - Dancing Steel: I don't know exactly how it is after 5.1 hits with the RPPM system, but right now it has an uptime of about 75% for a WW monk (2h) and it's a solid DPS increase.

    Hope this helps.

    [e] And another thing: http://raidbots.com/comparebot/ is an amazing tool for comparing your logs to those of the top WWs.
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    As far as I know xuen scales with trinkets or similar damage increase, that might not go towards tiger eyebrew as that isnt a stat increase but thats half personal tastes over when I like to pop it.

    I personally find a strict 'pop at 5' too hard to line up with trinkets and other things but from what I've seen tiger eyebrew is pretty much the same damage increase if you pop it at 5 twice or once at 10 stacks

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    THanks for the feedback!

    The tigers eyebrew has been a weird one overall between even me and other monks i know personally seems like everyone is using it differently based on stack numbers I tried running with it at 10 stacks last night and it seemed like a better use of it overall.

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    Another thing you might try (if you aren't already) is stacking tigereye brew to 10 before the fight. I manage this by chain casting expel harm followed by chi burst, though I expect the other talents in that tier would work just as well. This lets you launch into a pretty strong burn right out of the gate

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