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    ilvl 468 Affliction gnome warlock LF very time-conscious raiding!

    I am an experienced raider and I have played since back in 2007, this is the 1st character I ever leveled and it still is my main.

    I am looking for a guild that raids 1 night a week! Preferably Tuesday nights between 7:30-1amEST. Im not in a huge rush to down everything, so I see no-point in raiding three or more nights a week. plus I have a family and RL things I enjoy doing outside of wow.

    I also have a 463 ret pally that I can bring as well, that I am very good with as well.



    If you are a casual/dedicated group that likes to use your time wisely by not raiding multiple nights a week. Im your guy.

    I am 3/6 normal in MV.
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    or sunday evenings!

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    If You don't mind Alliance We have the perfect environment and excellent group on Shadowsong You can e-mail me back at HtothaERB at hotmaildotcom

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