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    CD Rom Has a Bad Block (Event Viewer Error)


    When I boot up my computer everything seems to go fine until Windows 7 loads. Once I get past the welcome screen my computer stays in a "frozen" state for about 5 minutes. Once it's out of that state I check the event viewer and see that I have a lot of errors stating "CD Rom Has a Bad Block" Event 7. My CD/DVD drive is rarely used. Could the drive be bad which is causing Windows to hang at the startup? Would this problem be alleviated if I just unplug the drive from the mobo? I've already Googled this problem but have found no info that helps. The cd/dvd drive still lights up as if it's working and the drawer opens and closes. I haven't had a chance to put in a cd or dvd to see if it will actually play it.

    Thanks for any help / suggestions.
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    There’s even been a John Oliver segment on it.

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