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    Exclamation Awesome game, but I forgot the name! :(

    Hey guys!

    I was wondering if anyone could help me find this game I used to play when I was younger, I forgot it's name..
    It's sort of a space invaders game, but then you have multiple levels, the graphics are pretty awesome, there's bosses etc.
    And the most important awesome part: You can have weapon upgrades, stuff like shooting flaming balls, shoot big ass lasers and many more.

    I think the name started with a W, but I'm not sure =/

    Hail to the person that can tell me the name of this game!


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    Kind of sounds like Stardust to me. There's an HD version of it now on PS3.

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    not with a W, but this is what i thought of.

    http://www.mamedb.com/alphabetical/W Just incase :P
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    It's neither of those sadly, but it's kind of a mixture between the two :P
    The game I'm thinking of has graphics as sophisticated as Stardust HD (kinda), but the gameplay is like Gradius, only the fighting is vertical just like space invaders

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    It's almost identical to this game!

    I give up.. I have looked everywhere for the game; 4 lists of scrolling shooter games, about 10 forums.. google, youtube, name it. No result, closest thing I found was Ikaruga, but the game I'm looking for was a downloadable PC game so sadly I have not been able to find it..

    Edit nr 1000: FOUND IT!

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