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  • I play WoW

    91 51.70%
  • I play SWToR

    8 4.55%
  • I play GW2

    23 13.07%
  • I play other MMO

    21 11.93%
  • I do not play MMOs

    33 18.75%
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    Currently I'm playing:
    Rift for dungeons and raiding etc.
    GW2 for PVP and some exploring, jump puzzles and the like.
    Age of Conan for role play.

    I've let my Mop sub run out, as whilst I enjoyed getting to 90 I just got turned off by the low res player graphics and poor animations. They really should have been updated for this expansion, as the game looks so dated compared to all the others now. Now if wow had GW2/Terra quality graphics and animations in addition to the wow art style I would play it again in a heartbeat.

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    I play Vindictus and Tera nowadays. Season 2 is coming out for NA Vindictus today so I'm looking forward to it as well as the new character Vella that's going to be released shortly after.

    I used to play WoW from beta to the end of cata. Stopped playing because I decided I had enough of the class imbalances and lack of innovation Blizzard is putting into WoW.

    SWTOR: Good for what it is, a story-driven single player game. It really tries hard to be an MMO, but I don't think it fits the mould.

    GW2: Combat mechanics are woefully lacking and felt very "floaty"; I didn't find it fun at all (I tried pretty hard to get into it but just couldn't). As much as people touted dynamic events, it's just all the same to me as a quest hub minus speaking to an NPC to grab the quests first. Nothing fun or heroic about zerging mobs with 50+ people.

    Not going to list the others, but I've played pretty much every major MMO out there and I just prefer action-combat MMOs nowadays and don't chase "end game" anymore.
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    Still playing WoW since some old friends from TBC came back (idk for how long though). Playing The Secret World a bit (love it) and every once in a while jumping on Anarchy Online and Age of Conan. I'll probably give Star Wars another shot and check out their f2p model.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Woodgela View Post
    Sooooooooooooooooooo sick of seeing people write this.................Either u started playing wow/other mmo's a few months or maybe a year ago or you're just completely and utterly clueless. It has nothing to do with burnout. Its piss poor content release thats the problem. Just wrap your head around that and stop throwing out the burn out excuse because its 100% incorrect. Content of all available MMO's is stale and outdated and tbh it has to be blizzard that makes the move here with a complete overhaul of their mmo model. They have the brandname and resources and they can do better. All the others are just generic shithouse below par copies of the true mmo (wow) and don't even deserve a millisecond of attention at this point. I don't blame them for rinsing wow for so long but the writing is on the wall now. It really is time to change things up.
    Its funny to see that people still think that other games copy WoW. No they copied the template of an mmorpg. WoW did the same things when they first started. I have enjoyed every mmo i have played because they were all unique outside the regular template of what the game should consist of. Guild Wars 2 is easily the most unique because it is NOTHING like WoW. Also, just because you don't like the content, doesn't mean it sucks. It is possible to get tired of a certain kind of game. Don't post if your not going to at least try to sound intelligent.

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    Quote Originally Posted by relindrani View Post
    Don't post if your not going to at least try to sound intelligent.
    Oh, the irony. Intelligence in this case can include knowing to read and abide by the forum guidelines, which forbid personal attacks. Opinions are going to differ, so let's not stoop to insults. As Rufus says, "be excellent to one another."

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    Quote Originally Posted by relindrani View Post
    Don't post if your not going to at least try to sound intelligent.
    What's funny is saying this while making the most oblivious grammar mistake there is.
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    I'm playing WoW as it's the only thing my laptop will run. Well, that and League of Legends, but more than three games a month of that gets boring. Should I go through with my planned purchase of a beefy desktop, I'll be switching to Planetside 2. I see people claiming they're bored of current MMO's and then list stuff they are looking forward to like Wildstars and Elder Scrolls: Online. I wonder if they have not been around long enough to see that it is all just more of the same? Sure, they always have one or two gimmicks to try and differentiate themselves, but it never amounts to anything revolutionary. I'm also pretty bored with MMORPG's, but I've played enough of them to know that that's not going to change by jumping ship to the next big thing.
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    I quit WoW like 1 month after Cata Release. I don't think I will ever play a MMO again. WoW destroyed the Genre for me, all MMOs are way too casual now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Korgoth View Post
    23% of the people on the forums for MMO champion do not play an MMO. Wouldn't expect that.
    I don't currently play any MMO's. Just because users browse this site doesn't automatically mean they all play an MMO. I enjoy reading the articles, news, patch notes and forum posts here... just as I do on the other sites I follow that hold some of my interests.

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    I don't play any MMOs anymore, because they all suck. The core drive for mmo's was wanting to get something really badly, and this desire drove us to keep playing and loving the game. Atm there is nothing in any of those games that's even remotely worth the time investment. They have replaced the highly successful "carrot on the stick" model with, "you're the carrot" model, and are wondering if it's because of new generation of players that mmos are not thriving...

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