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    Affliction Haste help needed

    I've been trying to be as close to 4717 as possible, however now I'm getting to geared and I'm 5952, and that's when I'm reforging away some haste. So I could reach like 6500 or something.

    What haste breakpoints should I aim for?


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    I see very few people actually going for the 6637/6400 haste breakpoints, most of which I think are just testing it out. I would probably recommend going for 4717 and the rest into mastery, if you're over 490 ilvl it's probably time to start gemming/enchanting full mastery anyways. It's great that you can reach those breakpoints, but is it actually viable sacrificing mastery gems/enchants/leaving all your mastery in the dust for it? probably not, but always sim the different changes and see where you get.

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    With 483 ilvl, haste is simming at 2.02, mastery at 1.97 after hitting the 4717 threshold, with 14.82% hit. Hit is simming at 1.52.

    Curse you Pandemic, curse you :< I liked the old weightage of HIT CAP HIT CAP HIT CAP then other stats!

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    Shameless bumb, excuse the noobness as I seem to be a bit behind on the haste break points. What exactly is the significance of the 4717 haste break point? I can't seem to find it on my spreadsheet of available breakpoints?

    Thanks in advanced

    *edit* Nevermind found the extra corruption tick under just raid haste. Answered my own question, nothing to see here.
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