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    Best Resto Tsulong Burst?

    Thinking the best burst healing for Sun Breath would be proccing Tidal Waves before he casts it, Double GHW on the boss followed by double Healing Surge and then sneak in a Riptide before the buff runs out.

    Any thoughts?
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    Precasting works too, to sneak in another gcd. Probably use the first GHW with TW and the 50% increased heal final tier talent. Might as well use it for that fight.

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    The first healing phase will be the one we take the most advantage since our mastery takes huge effect. I personally prefer primal elemental talent since its full 10% bonus healing for the entire phase. This is a fight where our tier bonus will help alot. As for rotation, Earthshield on the boss (for increased healing taken), riptite for tidal wave and GHW spam. Use ancestral swiftness for a non tidal wave GHW, Healing stream totem is very strong to.

    As for using Ascendance and HTT i didn't see great gains on the healing phase due to the spread healing nature of this abilities. I used those during nightphase as theres quite AOe damage going on. This was definitively my favorite fight of the new raid and it was the most taxing on healers.
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    I didn't see a point to healing him too hard without the buff, had a lot of damage going to the raid where my healing was better used. Just got in what we could during breath's duration and tried tossing in a heal every now and then inbetween.

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    I agree with Tiandar (also hi Tiandar, hope Static is doing well on Arthas).

    I made sure i had a HR under the boss before sun breath, unleash, precast a GHW immediately followed by RT->GHW->GHW->HS->HS.

    Only makes it inconvenient if debuffs line up with the sun breath. Very cool fight though.

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    We had 4 attempts on Tsulong before killing him; I mostly tried to have 2x GHW on him during burst, and pre-unleash (talented); then a surge or two if possible. Rest of the time mainly riptide and GHW; Remember to earthshield him.

    Looking at the logs my healing was distributed the following way (on Tsulong, not counting the raid) : GHW 42%, AAwake 20%, HS 18%, HST 6%, Riptide 6%

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    if your going for the biggest burst ever, i would think you would want tidal waves rolling on yourself, healing rain down, hst down, unleash + talent loaded, then pop ascendance GHW x2 then AS + GHW then a final riptide.

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    Looking at the top parses for this it looks like (for mere meter padding reasons) that HS is superior during the buff phase. You want to maximize AA procs, not to mention HS should have a higher HPS single target over 6 seconds anyway. Plus you should be using AS instant casts at least once each 'day' phase.

    Still finding it hard to determine whether Healing Tide does or does not benefits from the buff. And if so for the whole duration (assuming it's dropped when the buff is up) or only the ticks that occur when the buff is up. If it doesn't does AG or EM start gaining relevance for this fight?
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    My experience from LFR-beta learned me I got better results with HS due to it's high crit chance while under the effect of TW. If it's like that on live...dunno have not yet faced him.

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    Pop ascendance when your healing him and watch the numbers fly!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Miga View Post
    Pop ascendance when your healing him and watch the numbers fly!
    Did this aswell, works pretty good. If only there was a lot more damage going out on that phase our HPS would be insane.

    I've killed Tsulong on both 10 and 25man and this is what I usually do:

    1) While Tsulong is casting I riptide then use unleashed elements, precast a GHW
    2) Cast another GHW + AS (if its up) + GHW
    3) Riptide, Healing Surge x 2
    4) A final riptide right before the buff wears off

    I actually didn't think of putting a healing rain under him but I did try using healing tide during the breath. It didn't seem like it affected my HPS much so I don't think it actually gets buffed by his breath. Either way I think it'd be more useful to use healing tide when you're raid actually needs it

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    i was using GHW with TW and UE(talented), had a few million plus crits which was very nice lol, dropping healing tide as he started his cast, and popping Acen.
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