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    Urgent help regarding Google Account for Android Phones


    my co-worker kindly asked me to help her and install WhatsApp on her phone. She didn't have an Android Account so far, so I simply decided to log in into my own, download it, and log out.


    My own account is now hardwired to her mobile phone. She got all my contacts, gmail mails, and it is impossible to log out of the play store.

    So I googled a bit and found some tutorials.

    Clear cache? doesn't work at all.

    Delete account under account&synch settings? Awsome! Too bad I have to reset the whole phone back to factory settings, which she doesn't want me to do.

    So I made her her own Google account. Guess what? I was able to change all synchs to her own account, but I still can't get rid of my old account. She only has to click a few buttons to read my emails and everything without even a password, because fuck security, right? Typing in your PW in playstore automatically logs you in in Gmail app and Phone Contacts, without the option to log out or to delete the account.

    Wat do?

    TL:RD: how the fuck do I delete my google account from someones phone without resetting it?

    Phone: HTC Wildfire S A510e
    Andriod version: 2.3.3
    HTC sense: 2.1
    Software: 1.33.401.2

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    No? Nothing?

    Then I will tell her to stfu and reset her phone after I made a backup.

    Right now she could just go and shop apps with my account, read my mails, see my contacts, my schedules... and I can't do shit

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    I CANT FUCKING SYNC HER CONTACTS TO MY PC FUCK THIS SHIT. The option is just grayed out on HTC Sync PC software

    I am seriously annoyed now.

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    Meh. Phone reseted. I found the prog Wondershare MobileGo, solved my data export problem.

    Google is just as bad as some other company. Both a ridiculously user unfriendly.
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    Err... Right then.

    Please keep in mind that this is a forum, there's no guarantee that you will receive help in a timely manner, that's kind of the nature of a forum...

    Closing at the request of the OP.
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