So currently I'm playing D3 because it's a no time commitment play when you want game. I like the gameplay and everything but grinding out paragon and alkaizer runs eventually loses it's glamour.

I'd like to get back into a MMO because they were my entry genre to online gaming. I'm currently trying rift but the low level areas are DEAD and the game is really based around playing with others. That being said I like the fluidity of the game now more than when it released. I have not resubbed for MoP yet because I don't know if I can justify 60 bucks if all I'll be doing is dailies to get into the raid scene. Speaking of which I don't know if the new content is any good or not, I thought DS was the most pitiful raid Blizzard has released so far on all difficulties(to gauge my PvE requirements). I've tried almost every new MMO that has come out, GW2, Tera, etc... They all seem to be the same thing or failed to deliver what they based the entire game around.

So based on people who are playing Rift/MoP, keep on pushing until Rift's population shows a good side or give WoW another try? I should say I like PvP too, so any comments about WoW/Rift's PvP would be welcome.

TLDR: Rift or WoW, with reasons?