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    Weapon comparison


    I currently wear LFR Quiang as 2h-weapon.

    Now I looted the claws from the last boss in ToF.

    I only have one of the blue heroics weapons as offhand.

    Which combination should be better?

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    Sim it. But probably the claws (normal mode?) + blue

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    Highest total iLevel (So use 2H), if you don't have 2x one handers >= your 2H then don't switch. I am assuming the claws are LFR as well.
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    Download Pawn, add your stat weights to it and use the item comparison feature in game.
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    For WW lfr claw blue hc offhand will beat lfr 2h.

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    If the mainhand is of the same item level (which it's not - it's higher, 7 higher for LFR or if you have normal it's 20 higher), you need an offhand that is at max 2 tiers (26 ilevels) behind - so 450 for a 476 weapon to be better than a 2-hander. So yes, definitely you the onehand.

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