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    Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals

    I am getting ready to buy the parts for my new computer I'm building, and was just curious before I do if anyone has seen, heard, or at least expects any great deals for Black Friday or Cyber Monday, or the holiday season in general. I was going to get a lot of the parts from Newegg, but if somewhere else is going to be running a special I'd consider that.

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    Newegg usually has some great deals. Also put TigerDirect on your radar as well.

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    Always go to newegg they have tons of stuff on black friday

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    Quote Originally Posted by skatblast View Post
    Always go to newegg they have tons of stuff on black friday
    Black November :P they have stuff all month from what i remember in past years the best newegg deals are on Wednesday/Thursday before black Friday. Don't wait until black Friday most things are sold out by then

    Fry's or Microcenter normally have some deals as well
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    Just bought MSI 990FXA-GD80V2 from Newegg...Black November deals are AWESOME!

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    Shame newegg doesn't ship internationally ;(

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    Yep, I get an email almost daily from Newegg with new deals and such. I suppose Friday and Monday will have some of their best stuff.

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